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Draw a crosswise line approximately 1 1/2" below the waistline dot to form the facing pattern lower edge (7).
Thus "adding" the Pythagorean triples (12, 5, 13) and (4, 3, 5), using vertically and crosswise generated numbers produces another Pythagorean triple (33, 56, 65).
Furthermore, crosswise elastic webs may be controlled to a predefined width by using one drive per side for the two-part slats.
According to the company, Fujikura will supply to Belgacom its 50S fusion splicer and newly upgraded CT-30A cleaver through its Belgium-based distributor, Crosswise.
Cut bananas in half crosswise, insert a wooden stick into the flat end of each half and freeze.
Other advances to the SmartCombi models include the WaveClean self-cleaning system, auto-reverse fans to circulate heat more evenly, and optional Crosswise Plus cooking pans that can increase overall capacity by more than 50 percent.
She also uses Rsle tools, which include the crosswise swivel peeler, garlic press, slotted spoon, food mill and slicer.
Cut each loaf crosswise into 8 slices, using a serrated or electric knife.
Thus the theoretical advantage of using the sutras is that they allow encapsulation of a process into a manageable chunk, or cognitive unit, that can then be processed more easily, sometimes using a visual reminder, such as in the Vertically and Crosswise sutra.
Defensins, the researchers discovered, bind crosswise to glycoproteins, preventing the viral and cell glycoproteins from spreading apart.
2 to 3 stalks celery, sliced crosswise on the diagonal
Suitable for use as a condenser, reboiler, gas cooler and heater in applications where one or other of the media could cause fouling, the OTS spiral heat exchanger features a single channel design that enables one of the media to flow in a spiral fashion while the other flows crosswise, parallel to the axis of the spiral element.
The LPS122's footprint is 3 x 5" and can be set up for lengthwise or crosswise airflow.
Run another piece of ribbon crosswise and secure both sides with a tack.
The air-flow control systems are deflectors that are installed crosswise at the rear of the roof; wheel fairings in front of each of the wheels; air ducts between the front end and the wheel arches; and wheel rims that move the air toward the center of the wheels.