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Synonyms for crosswise


Synonyms for crosswise

situated or lying across

Synonyms for crosswise

lying or extending across the length of a thing or in a cross direction

in the shape of (a horizontal piece on) a cross

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spikelets Colloredo - reconstruction Lascy lengthwise, crosswise spikelets western and eastern and laterally located at Rudolf V in the underground part of the Mine Mine Wieliczka Salt, hereinafter referred to as mining works.
Working with Crosswise gives Digilant the opportunity to focus on our strengths of identifying audiences, targeting, and data analytics while leveraging Crosswise's unmatched expertise in consumer device matching to create the ideal cross-device offering for our global clients.
After evaluating multiple providers in the rapidly-growing cross-device matching sector, we became very excited about the leadership team and distinctive platform that Crosswise has created," said Ziv Ben Barouch, General Partner at Pereg Ventures.
1 pound bok choy, separated into white and green parts, the white parts halved lengthwise then sliced crosswise into 1-inch pieces, the green parts thinly sliced crosswise
Furthermore, crosswise elastic webs may be controlled to a predefined width by using one drive per side for the two-part slats.
Cut bananas in half crosswise, insert a wooden stick into the flat end of each half and freeze.
Slice flutes crosswise into 2-inch-thick pieces (you'll get 10 slices from the 2 flutes).
She also uses Rsle tools, which include the crosswise swivel peeler, garlic press, slotted spoon, food mill and slicer.
2 to 3 stalks celery, sliced crosswise on the diagonal
The LPS122's footprint is 3 x 5" and can be set up for lengthwise or crosswise airflow.
Suitable for use as a condenser, reboiler, gas cooler and heater in applications where one or other of the media could cause fouling, the OTS spiral heat exchanger features a single channel design that enables one of the media to flow in a spiral fashion while the other flows crosswise, parallel to the axis of the spiral element.
Run another piece of ribbon crosswise and secure both sides with a tack.
The air-flow control systems are deflectors that are installed crosswise at the rear of the roof; wheel fairings in front of each of the wheels; air ducts between the front end and the wheel arches; and wheel rims that move the air toward the center of the wheels.
The patent-pending screw, in which the three shear zones are scored crosswise, was designed by Robert Malloy of the Plastics Engineering Dept.
Stainless-steel mesh facades are composed of fine cables lengthwise and monofilament rods crosswise which give the structure tensile strength in the one direction and flexibility and cross-stability in the other, Its flexibility inspires spatial compositions which interact with the surroundings, and a wide variety of forms and unusual shapes.