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wind blowing across the path of a ship or aircraft

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It offers deeper understanding of the flow mechanism around the sheltered vehicle in the transient crosswind.
It conducts specialist development engine testing including noise, crosswind, thrust reverse, cyclic and endurance testing on all current Rolls-Royce large engine types and employs nearly 50 people at the facility.
The crosswinds felt more pronounced than expected because of lateral-control issues, but the awesome E-6 rudder is a powerful barn door on your tail that will keep you tracking down centerline if you provide the input.
Less time in the air means less susceptibility to crosswind drift.
As in the One Shot the laser emitter will be used both for ranging and for evaluating crosswind strength.
Fighting an overshooting crosswind, the aircraft touched down more than 40 knots fast and 2,000 feet past the intended landing point.
Once free of the bow, an arrow shot into a crosswind is accelerated sideways by that wind.
A proposed realignment would remove the 3,500-foot crosswind runway and the 4,500-foot main runway, and construct a new 5,000-foot runway in compliance with FAA regulations.
However, I'm hitting a lot of fairways and giving myself a lot of openings although there was a crosswind that caused me problems.
A report by the Air Accident Investigation Branch published today said weather was poor at the time of the incident with a gusting crosswind.
A CROSSWIND caused a plane to crash in Huddersfield, says a report.
But after yesterday's practice round on a day of gusting winds, the 37-year-old said: "There was a crosswind and that makes it really tough.
There was a crosswind that made it impossible for the small plane to complete the turn and blew it into the apartment building.
The Peterborough Regatta was held in crosswind conditions which provided stern challenges for those coxing and steering.
Felix pushed through a swirling crosswind and won the 200 meters in 22.