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Like many of the hunters he has a mark in his mould, in order to know the work his rifle performs; and here you see it plainly--six little holes, laid crossways.
When this was done I went down the ship's side, and pulling them to me, I tied four of them together at both ends as well as I could, in the form of a raft, and laying two or three short pieces of plank upon them crossways, I found I could walk upon it very well, but that it was not able to bear any great weight, the pieces being too light.
Mark Hughes hit a pair of goals for Ashton to record a 2-1 win over Crossway that sees them move off the bottom of the table.
The Crossway is a great advert for the world-leading manufacturing skills we have here in the North East and the wider UK.
Peugeot, a France-based automaker, has updated its 2008 range with the addition of a new special edition called the 2008 Crossway.
The competition is being organised by the Crossway Foundation in partnership with the Qatar Museums Authority and Art Jameel.
NNA - NNA field reporter in Jbeil on Wednesday said that customs department unit in the north managed to catch an anonymous Syrian at Amshit crossway after luring him into going there in the frame of searching for his partner who is another Syrian suspect in the captagon trafficking issue which was detected yesterday in a wooden factory in Hbaline in Jbeil.
In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to Crossway Christian Church or to Overlook Hospice, 88 Masonic Home Road, Charlton, MA 01507.
While more expensive than some conventional homes, the designers of Crossway believe that its design and technology could ultimately be a prototype for cheaper energy-efficient homes.
Felled trees, piles of turf and bags of rotting household waste were piled high outside the Crossway Court pub, in Kingstanding.
The "Kerem Shalom" is the sole commercial crossway through which goods and fuel could be allowed to enter open into the besieged Gaza Strip.
Crossway Scaffolding Group has begun building the supporting scaffold for what is thought to be one of the largest temporary roofs ever built.
The fleet consists of Crossway models, the brand's flagship intercity range and minibuses built on the chassis of an Iveco Daily, the signature light commercial vehicle from fellow CNH Industrial brand Iveco.
Nettbuss chose Iveco Bus on account of its experience with the Crossway Euro 6 buses in operation in its fleet since 2014, and their positive reflection on its results in terms of total cost of ownership.
Under this agreement, DB Regio has commissioned 400 Crossway and Crossway LE (Low Entry) buses, which will be delivered in 2015 and 2016.