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a path (often marked) where something (as a street or railroad) can be crossed to get from one side to the other

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ItAaAeAeAEs pretty clear from a staffwide study conducted in November a December by the Daily Herald that many drivers are either oblivious to crosswalks or pay them no heed.
In research at signalized intersections, crossings were completed within the crosswalk 56% of the time when RIAS was not used and 76% of the time when it was used (Crandall, Bentzen, Myers, & Brabyn, 2001; Crandall, Brabyn, Bentzen, & Myers, 1999).
Security to Entity CrossWalk is also available as a bulk-load master feed and a portfolio-specific service.
The crosswalk upgrades helped to some degree, according to Dr.
The installation ofpermanent color for two landmark crosswalks along Santa Monica Boulevard and San Vicente Boulevard will begin on Monday, October 1, 2012 at 9 p.
ThatEs probably because unless itEs in front of your childEs school or you encounter one with signs and flashing lights, youEve never given crosswalks a momentEs notice.
Tenders are invited for This project involves installing a pedestrian crosswalk and a solar powered LED pedestrian crosswalk beacon at the intersection of Route 190, Warrior Road, and Wapap Road.
Eugene police will be conducting a sting operation at the intersection of West 16th Avenue and Polk Street today to remind motorists about pedestrian safety, and that every corner is potentially a crosswalk for those on foot.
Pedestrian at crosswalk on Highland Street with one foot in road.
com)-- ICD Crosswalk problem is right around the corner.
In compiling the report, researchers looked at driver reaction and performance upon detecting pedestrians in midblock crosswalks under varying experimental conditions, including various types of street lamps, the color of the pedestrians' clothing, the position of the pedestrians in the crosswalk, and the presence of glare.
I entered the crosswalk, it was green," said Coyle, of Sunland, who is fighting the infraction issued Feb.
Burden announced the release of a Request for Proposals for professional design services to assist in the development of a streetscape and landscape design plan for Queens Plaza's public spaces and parkland, including public art, lighting, street furniture, and crosswalk designs.
Traffic Safety Corp's Crosswalk Warning System consists of lights embedded into the road surface on both sides of a crosswalk.