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one of the cross braces that support the rails on a railway track

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This decline was partially offset by the addition of three crosstie mills, one pallet cant mill, one stave mill, and one green mill.
The projected cost of a plastic/composite tie will be on the order of $75, which is greater than that of a wooden creosoted crosstie.
Being able to access customers through two of the nation's major rail carriers will allow him to keep costs down in the market he already serves while opening up new markets for the company's crossties.
3 BBF between 1967 and 1972 as lumber use by pallet and crosstie manufacturers increased.
Leroy Ball, president and chief executive officer of Koppers said, While we expect this acquisition to be additive to our Carbon Materials and Chemicals business segment, the driver for this acquisition was to help ensure consistent supply for this important component of the railroad crosstie treating process.
Rail vibrations combined with moisture cycling can cause the end plates to withdraw or back out from the ends of the crosstie.
The scope of work includes manufacturing, supply, transportation, site delivery, mobilization, demolition, disposal, erection and construction, testing, balancing, commissioning, startup, warranty/guarantee, and training for new ventilation ductwork, manual crosstie dampers, nozzles, and access platforms as described in the design scope of work provided in this bid document.
Using our patented material, designed from 100% recycled plastic, TRE will not only be able to save on maintenance costs going forward, it will divert thousands of pounds of plastic waste that would normally be headed for landfills, while simultaneously investing in a superior crosstie that is expected to last longer than those currently in use.
This latest edition of DataYard, InterAct, and CrossTie are allowing our Trust Management clients to better meet the demands of their monthly accounting back-office closing processes.
8 million for phase two in its Glenwood Yard, including track reconstruction, switching control installation, and rail and crosstie replacement on two bridge decks.
While quantity exported or proportion of production exported may be an indicator of the consumption of higher-grade logs and the production of higher-grade lumber, crosstie production is an indicator of the consumption of lower-mid- and lower-grade logs.
We are very proud to count BART as our newest customer, and we look forward to our switch-set crosstie solutions finding additional uses with other rail companies," added Mr.
As the demand for TieTek's composite crosstie continues to grow, TieTek is dedicated to serving its customers by providing ties that reduce costs, improve track operation, and contribute to the industry's commitment to environmental sustainability.
completed the sale of its wood products, rail grinding and crosstie pickup & disposal services subsidiaries to Tangent Rail Corporation of Pittsburgh, Pa.
Tangent Rail Energy (formerly Wood Waste Energy) is a leading nationwide supplier of environmentally friendly crosstie pickup/disposal services and industrial tie-derived boiler fuel.