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a horizontal beam that extends across something

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Two crosspieces are screwed in place horizontally on the posts, and four evenly spaced holes are drilled in them to accommodate the knots in the clothesline.
2 crosspieces equal to the width of the box (ours were about 10 inches long)
Two parallel ropes ran between the posts and were connected by crosspieces of PVC pipe, 1 cm in diameter.
Finally, two crosspieces of yanay are lashed first to the nomborodo, then to the mato, using a rope made from weng, a local vine.
This 12th-century artifact is unusual because, unlike other Irish high crosses, it does not have a ring encircling the vertical and horizontal crosspieces.
When the crosspieces can no longer hold the microtubules together, the tracks fall apart.
The crosspieces at the top, called lintels, had to be carved to fit into a circle.
They are fixed to bamboo crosspieces and lowered and lifted fixed to the end of a pole.
Other design elements include drawer fronts that resemble map drawers and doors adorned with raised wooden crosspieces.
If it was locked there wasn't much joy, but it was open and moths hung on the crosspieces and vines covered the uprights, some kind of trumpet, I wouldn't be surprised if they trilled a little, although the gates on Avenue A were made of iron and locked after ten so we had to walk the streets between the Odessa and Little Creatures, between the library and the hospital.
One has the uprights and crosspieces of a picket-fence gate.
The rails and crosspieces can be cut from finished or rough 1"x3" stock (or split grape stakes with a crosssection size close to this size).
String four wires between the crosspieces as shown.
In Japan the traditional high thatched roof is often replaced by the same shape in colored metal, including the old crosspieces at the ends of the peak.