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a voter who is registered as a member of one political party but who votes in the primary of another party


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His campaign touts millions left in the bank and a surge in support among independent and crossover voters, and campaign manager Jesse Benton said they are prepared to stay in the race for the long haul.
The problems surfaced Tuesday as the registrar's office began receiving reports throughout the day from crossover voters at the polls confused about how to mark their ballots.
Paul Drugan, director of media operations for the Registrar-Recorder's Office, confirmed the office received reports from crossover voters confused about how to mark their ballots.
But Carole Frakes of Woodland Hills, a Republican who voted for McCain on Tuesday, said the open primary lets crossover voters sabotage the opposing party.
Special color-coded ballots are being given to registered Republicans whose vote will pick delegates, while crossover voters in the open primary will only be counted in the popular vote.
Thousands of voters took advantage of California's first blanket primary to cross party lines, but political strategists could only take morning-after guesses Wednesday about what crossover voters had in mind.
The last hope for many is that the state's first blanket primary will bring in enough independent voters and crossover voters to provide some surprises.
Nowhere is this attempt to convert crossover voters more evident than in California's gubernatorial election.
party affiliation, he is drawing in more Republican crossover voters than Davis in an open primary contest, according to Mervin Field, associate director of the Field Poll.
Therefore, Proposition 198 really gives an advantage to candidates who have the potential to attract crossover voters and the money to communicate with them.
This gives them, rather than Issa, a better chance of picking up crossover voters.
The most obvious, immediate consequence of the open primary, is the calculated blurring of party and ideological destinations, as many candidates work hard to de-emphasize their party affiliation and soften their stance on any issue deemed even remotely controversial, in a relentless effort to pander to potential crossover voters.
Yet if Mayor Riordan should throw his independently wealthy Republican hat in the ring for governor today under our new system, he would be considered an instantly viable candidate because of potential crossover voters in the open primary.
His name recognition is as high as it gets, which will be particularly helpful in an open primary with potential crossover voters.
He has the strongest appeal to the crossover voters we will need to win in the fall.