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Synonyms for crossness

a disposition to be ill-tempered

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Turnover was derived from on-going major works coming to a conclusion such as Crossness Sewage Treatment Works (STW) or longer-term projects such as Lee Valley.
I think it will be strangely therapeutic and might do something to ease this level of crossness before the kids come home from school and wonder where their gentle, patient, relaxed mum has gone.
I may not have said anything, but I could feel my own crossness growing too.
They are currently due to be installed at four Sewage Treatment Works (STWs); Oxford in the Thames Valley area and Beckton, Crossness and Long Reach in East London.
And he takes his crossness out on poor Chantelle, pictured, who is so full of goodness she's more like a recipe on Great British Bake Off than an actual person sometimes.
He is just such fun to describe: a hunched ball of scowling scarlet crossness, steaming like a Chinaman's laundry" - The Daily Mail sketch-writer Quentin Letts hits back at Mr Sheridan.
When she sees your face cloud over with crossness mixed with I-told-you-sos, she adds, "Mammy, I like freezing.