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Synonyms for crossly

in an ill-natured manner

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A visibly angry chief minister asked an official of the hotel where the talks were being held as to who had permitted the media inside the hall, and then crossly told the media persons, "Get out.
Then as the clock dongs on the deadline, you will crossly phone to complain and someone will knock on the door.
Turn it off or I'm taking you into school," I said crossly.
They need a change of lightbulb," I mumbled crossly.
Boyfriend looked crossly across the table, briefly distracted from his plate full of sausages and bacon.
To mark the occasion, they drunkenly haul Whacker Spradlin--the local bootlegger who has passed out from the overconsumption of his own product--to the cemetery and place him within a freshly dug grave (Place 277-97) (7) Finally, in the reminiscences of her old age, Burley's mother often recalls "one of his misdemeanors": "She would look up at him suddenly, crossly, over her glasses, and point her finger at him.
The whole world, Frederica notes crossly, is 'peering into the Royal kitchenette at Buckingham Palace to be reassured that robes and furred gowns hide a wife and housewife' (14).
What is she talking for anyway," said Tabidji, folding her arms crossly.
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Just put that down and go," replied Secondborn, crossly.
The last double spread shows three large animal portraits with owl, fox and snake looking crossly out of the page, astonished at their own gullibility.
The complainant had purportedly alleged that he had been sent without a contract being signed which the Petitioner Kumari denies as crossly inaccurate.