crossing guard

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someone who helps people (especially children) at a traffic crossing

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But none can compare to yesterday, which marked his retirement after 32 years of serving as the crossing guard in front of the school.
I called up the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, which oversees our school crossing guard program, to see what day we've set aside every year to honor our crossing guards.
The council says patrol staff who lose their jobs could be redeployed to other sites where permanent crossing guards are needed.
Whichever way they're pointing, we move them," said Hollis Burbank-Hammarlund, director of the Bonnyvale center and a frequent salamander crossing guard.
The job of the crossing guard is not to referee the two sets of traffic and he is not supposed to direct traffic, but to make sure everything works as safely as it possibly can.
Identical to illegally passing a school bus, disobeying a school crossing guard will put one point on a California driver's license.
Volunteer to help teachers and administrators direct traffic during peak pick up periods, or volunteer for crossing guard duties.
But my parents set a high standard to follow - they met at ages 14 and 15 when my Dad was a school crossing guard and helped my mum cross the street," the Daily Star quoted her as telling the New York Daily News.
He's a school crossing guard - one of 146 in the San Fernando Valley.
She worked as a crossing guard, a bookstore clerk and for Pacific Telephone.
growling and scowling through THE CROSSING GUARD (Cert 15, on release now).
Tenders are invited for Adult School Crossing Guard Services
Hammer, a school crossing guard who'd been on duty less than a month, was hit by a driver Wednesday morning as he prepared to motion children across the street in Saugus.
Anjelica Huston and Jack Nicholson, the lover who betrayed her, were reunited to star in the dark, emotional drama The Crossing Guard.
Tenders are invited for 2015 Contractual Crossing Guard Services.