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Synonyms for crosshatched

shaded by means of fine parallel or crossed lines


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after 2000 hours the rating was "3B" (5-15% of crosshatched area removed); and
Thus, many reformist newspapers quoted the figures shown in the crosshatched bars last year, but have more recently shifted to using the figures shown in the solid black bars.
Flying over the bayou, I've seen shredded islands of brown spartina, or salt grass, crosshatched with canals built by oil companies and flood control channels and levees built by the U.
The students then scan their original crosshatched portraits at 72 dpi (dots per inch) minimum and print them out on the computer's printer, substituting the butcher paper for the regular printer paper.
Fans will love every crosshatched detail, right down to the Gorey homage that puts all the actors in sneakers (the author's preferred form of footwear).
She parked on the blue crosshatched loading and unloading lines instead of in the designated slot.
The sky above was breathtaking: a deep blue dome streaked with violet-edged clouds and crosshatched with vapor trails.
The pinch pots are each stuffed with crushed newspaper for internal support, then crosshatched, slipped and blended to form one round sphere.
Crosshatched creases marked all her face except her nose.
The crosshatched area shows the associated thermal energy needed to melt crystals.
Like gourds, her breasts; hair crosshatched in tight curls bound in a leather band, cowry shells; almond eyes, brows.
In areas around the periphery of the cross section, the laser cuts crosshatched squares to facilitate the separation of the model from the discarded material after the model is completed.
The keys to fall are vintage-inspired washes and finishes including crosshatched fabrics and hand-sanded finishes like Ink, Copper and Mudslide usually found in much higher priced denim products.
A few minutes on a honing machine can cut lapping times in half, leaving a crosshatched surface finish in single or low double-digit Ra.
Children will love the gentle versed text and the carefully crosshatched illustrations in subdued greens and browns, light and shade.