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Synonyms for crosshatched

shaded by means of fine parallel or crossed lines


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after 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, and 4000 hours, the rating was "5B" (0% of crosshatched area removed)
Lines of reason A block of ochre, used by Stone Age cultures as body pigment, is inscribed with crosshatched designs that suggest some degree of abstract or symbolic thinking, Blombos Cave contains pieces like this one dating back 100,000 years,
The steaks were perfectly cooked, however -- chargrilled, crosshatched and to our desired doneness.
More than once, we left recess with what we came to call the "Spalding tattoo," which occurred when you got hit so hard by one of those red utility balls that it actually left the crosshatched surface pattern on your face.
Titled Screen, 2008, it depicts its subject with a grid of slightly irregular crosshatched lines; a blue shimmers here, too, though obvious only from a distance, when it emerges seemingly behind the surface.
Raw flesh--engraved, crosshatched and stippled--peels, sears, rots and crumbles, while people weep, waste away and die.
The crosshatched bars show the rate the Iran Times has used monthly.
Dressed in a white crosshatched shirt, Mr Riddall, 45, said: "This is an impossible time for us.
IVV presented green and bronze colored glasses that seemed quilted, a tableware set that featured a crosshatched pattern on its underside, and vases that resembled an open flower bloom that were hand-sprayed.
The company says its patented crosshatched construction in EH-Series liners allow air to release from between the tape and plate and between the tape and cylinder for easier, virtually air-free mounting.
Flying over the bayou, I've seen shredded islands of brown spartina, or salt grass, crosshatched with canals built by oil companies and flood control channels and levees built by the U.
Another drawback to scratchboard is that if the students press too hard when transferring their sketches, they can create a groove in the surface that when crosshatched, may chip out a chunk that can ruin an area.
The face, again mimicking Picasso's compressed planar asymmetries, and severely squared-off shoulders are defined on one side by a mandorla of blue pastel; the rest of the body--excepting the bullet-shaped breasts, one bent knee, and three fingers on the left hand--seems ravished by erasures, slashing pencil marks, rubbings, and harsh crosshatched shadings.
She parked on the blue crosshatched loading and unloading lines instead of in the designated slot.