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Synonyms for crosshatch

shading consisting of multiple crossing lines

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shade with multiple crossing lines

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This crosshatch pattern can be controlled to produce a specific angle and depth (with plateau honing), which manufacturers use to manage the retention and distribution of lubricating off films.
Create a crosshatch of grill marks by rotating the steaks a quarter turn halfway through cooking on each side.
These loop-pile, patterned carpets offer an artistic, free-flowing design, a warm crosshatch, and a multicolor linear design.
In the crisscross or crosshatch seeding pattern, the planting rows intersect.
The exhibition features paintings such as Jasper Johns' "Watchman" (1964), "Flag" (1967), and "Untitled" (1975), his first crosshatch painting; Andy Warhol's iconic depictions of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, and himself; and Roy Lichtenstein's "I .
The other seeding pattern is crisscross, or crosshatch, where planting rows intersect.
It's textured with a random crosshatch pattern of short slash marks.
Drizzle remaining caramel topping and chocolate topping in crosshatch pattern across ice cream and plate.
Cut off the rind, leaving the fat on, then use a sharp knife to make criss-cross cuts in the fat, down to the meat, so you end up with a crosshatch effect.
In the process, a computer guided laser passes over a vat of powdered material in a crosshatch pattern representing a two dimensional cross section of a "slice" of the model.
Crosshatch on map below shows the "super" favorable channel locations (see the main map color).
Turn the skewers 90 degrees to mark with a crosshatch pattern and grill for another minute.
A flagstone floor and crosshatch brick inlaid serving area is particularly noteworthy, as are the handcarved scrolls and sconces and original oak beams.
The name "carpaccio" is named after the Venetian Renaissance painter Vittore Carpaccio because of his use of brilliant reds and whites, with the red from the beef, covering a plate with the thinnest possible slices and a cream-coloured sauce then drizzled over the meat in a crosshatch pattern, as the white.
It includes high-end features, such as Siemens drives and PLC-control with touch-screen HMI for setting all machine parameters, including stroke reversal point, spindle/stroking speeds, and crosshatch angle calculation--try that with a homemade machine.