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Synonyms for crosscurrent

a stretch of turbulent water in a river or the sea caused by one current flowing into or across another current

actions counter to the main group activity

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Symmetry autotrawl systems, designed to react to crosscurrent conditions at towing depth, could prove to be more effective under stronger current conditions, but during our experiment, current velocities may have been too low ([greater than or equal to] 35 cm/s) for us to be able to detect a difference between the symmetry and tension towing modes.
Crosscurrents contains enough material to warrant a progressive reinterpretation of colonialism in general, and German Mittel-Afrika ideal in particular: contemporary developments, dynamics and state of African countries is itself not a `customary' way of life.
Wednesday (noon) Damien O'Kane, CrossCurrent member and banjo virtuoso; (1pm) Sophy Ball, fiddler and member of band 422 which is soon to release its third CD; (2pm) Yukhi Ohnogi, Japanese Celtic music performer in the tradition of whistle players Brian Finnegan and Mary Bergin.
As we prepared for our debut, it was imperative to select firms that could not only demonstrate their individual strengths, but also prove their ability to work together effectively," said Darby Hershey, vice president of sales and marketing at CrossCurrent, Inc.
MEDIAN is available today, and can be obtained by calling CrossCurrent, Inc at 503-248-2290 or visiting www.
Commissioned by CrossCurrents with support from the John Feeney Trust, No.
The crosscurrents of issues dominating the news media, the rich culture scene, and growing economic activities, in Pakistan, presents an opportunity to capture in action, the life in Pakistan and major media and cultural and economic progression in the country.
The essays in this issue of Crosscurrents consider multiple technologies of religions.
Similar to last year in the sense we're coming off a rather disappointing first half, this holiday season brings to light several crosscurrents that still exist for American households," says Jack Kleinhenz, chief economist for the NRF.
There's just a lot of crosscurrents out there today,'' said James W.
The Contemporary Narrative Poem: Critical Crosscurrents
McNamara's short fiction has been published in Crosscurrents, Old Hickory Review, The Piedmont Literary Review, Minotaur, Snapdragon, Four Quarters, FlashFiction, Quick Fiction, Bear River Review, Inside Running and Chicago Literati.
DAVID LISHILINIMLE IMBUA, Intercourse and Crosscurrents in the Atlantic World: Calabar--ritish experience, 17th-20th centuries.
The crosscurrents of forces demanding further deficit spending and those demanding fiscal sanity will likely put off that "day of reckoning" for some time, perhaps years into the future.
Intercourse and Crosscurrents in the Atlantic World: Calabar-British Experience, 17th-20th Centuries by David Lishilinimle Imbua (Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press, 2012, pp.