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an instance of confirming something by considering information from several sources

an illegal check (chopping at an opponent's arms or stick)

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But questions have been raised in Illinois and elsewhere about the security of passwords, accuracy of the information and the political leanings of Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who oversees Crosscheck and helped lead President Donald Trumps now-disbanded election fraud commission.
Justin Marking, Savills head of UK residential says: We established a joint venture with Crosscheck Investments in 2007 operating under the Savills name.
Crosscheck is an integrated, self-contained test device that includes a swab for sample collection after which the test is activated with a simple snap and squeeze action.
The term crosscheck describes the efficient division of attention between control and performance instruments, the ability to interpret the information given by those instruments, and the correction of any discrepancies noted in aircraft flight parameters.
CrossCheck is a free online application to quickly and easily check the quality of bilingual documents.
While CrossCheck does only 30 profiles per second, compared with 100 or more for high-end systems, it costs only $7,449 for a starter kit (and $6,990 for a build-your-own system).
Crosscheck said that with the launch of its Dutch operations, the company is extending its leadership within the European market for testing, simulation and security of web services.
Crosscheck Networks, Inc, a provider of SOA testing solutions, launched on Friday (11 April) SOAPSimulator, a comprehensive service simulation product for SOA developers and testers.
Indeed, other central banks are considering using a crosscheck based on money, credit, and asset market developments in their policy frameworks to address precisely these concerns.
Presumably that means no more puny four-game suspensions like the one Suter served for his crosscheck on Kariya.
Siembieda has been the president and CEO of CrossCheck since 2000.
senators -- have urged election officials to withdraw from the Kansas-run Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck Program.
One such tool, called CrossCheck, is a new creation from CrossRef that's designed to spot plagiarism at a variety of critical points in the publishing process.
Canada men's hockey rivalry got another crosscheck to the head, and Gary Suter is not only responsible for it, but, according to Team Canada's general manager, the Blackhawks defenseman did it on purpose.
David Siembieda, President and CEO of CrossCheck, Inc.