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an instance of confirming something by considering information from several sources

an illegal check (chopping at an opponent's arms or stick)

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Deployed together or seamlessly integrated with organizations' existing infrastructure, Crosscheck Networks' SOA life cycle suite comprises the following products that fuel enterprise-class cloud computing initiatives:
CrossCheck partners include the nation's top bank card acquirers which process over 49 percent of the nation's bankcard volume.
In 2012, Aichele said, the Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck Program discovered more than five million potential duplicate registrations.
html), Crosscheck Networks' patented technique enables the mutation of messages to automatically build attack vectors for SOAP, XML and RESTful services in a SOA deployment.
Since conducting business securely is paramount, Crosscheck now offers extensive Federated SOA testing without adding unnecessary complexity.
Notably, at the show today, Crosscheck Networks (Booth # 13) CEO Mamoon Yunus will explore enterprise-to-cloud migration in the session, "Requirements for Extending Enterprise SOA to Public Clouds (http://soasymposium.
Crosscheck Networks' holistic product suite includes the following products that can be deployed together or seamlessly integrated with what organizations are already using:
He continued, "Before CROSSCHECK with LINK, no other product on the market has been able to effectively meet regulatory operations professionals' need to quickly and accurately manage millions of links across thousands of files in order to produce regulatory compliant documents.
The International SOA & Cloud Symposium is happy to welcome Crosscheck Networks as a sponsor to our third edition," said Gert van de Donk, International SOA & Cloud Symposium Team.
At the event, Crosscheck Networks will demonstrate how to enable reliable and secure XML-, SOAP- and REST-based communication among applications through its holistic product suite.
BOSTON, June 3, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Crosscheck Networks, Inc.
Additionally, the Crosscheck Networks senior executives will offer countermeasure best practices to mitigate the risk of, and exposure to, those identified XML security threats.
Not surprisingly, readying for Version 5010 and ICD-10 are prevailing themes at this week's HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition," said Mamoon Yunus, CEO of Crosscheck Networks.
BOSTON, May 10, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Crosscheck Networks, Inc.
CrossCheck provides check conversion, verification, guarantee and collection services to retail merchants, auto dealers and businesses throughout the United States.