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reproduction by parents of different races (especially by white and non-white persons)

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At the first stance, the present project was conducted to provide the basic data for commercial native duck production by investigating the performance of 2-way crossbreeding from native duck strain A and B (Hong et al.
It can be a feasible, low-management alternative to traditional crossbreeding schemes.
Jersey and Brown Swiss genetics are popular crossbreeding choices among some dairy producers, but other breeders are looking for specific traits not found in those breeds.
Crossbreeding is very common and the use of recognised crossbreeds and a range of various other crosses is widespread.
Crossbreeding of animal species isn't unusual in itself, explains Zachariah Gompert of Texas State University in San Marcos.
The crossbreeding programme was launched six years ago by Innovis, using an Aberdale nucleus flock based on British Texel genetics.
One of the commercial breeds widely used in the KNP crossbreeding program is the Duroc pig resulting in KNPxDuroc crossbred (KNPxD).
It is common for isolated subpopulations to evolve mating behaviors that effectively prevent crossbreeding with partners from a different group.
Swine and several other species are losing genetic diversity in response to another trend: crossbreeding.
Biologists avoid crossbreeding captives because zoo animals are intended to represent their wild brethren.
Previously plant breeders were limited to introducing new genes through the time-consuming and inexact art of crossbreeding species that were fairly close relatives.
The book is thus, eponymously, a framework for crossbreeding, and through the title Rene Depestre also signifies that his task as a poet is to give witness to, and to propagate the spirit of, cultural crossbreeding.
Not content with the painstaking crossbreeding that once sufficed as agriculture, Monsanto has dug a little deeper for their high-tech spuds, putting their special genius to work at the cellular level and conducting transgenic gymnastics with the unsuspecting tuber.
Thousand Oaks rose breeder Keith Zary suspected something special would be produced by crossbreeding yellow-and-pink and fragrant pink seedlings some seven years ago.
These wool-type sheep, known as Gulf Coast Natives, are part of a multiyear crossbreeding program at ARS' South Central Family Farm Research Center near Booneville, Arkansas.