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Synonyms for crossbreed

(genetics) an organism that is the offspring of genetically dissimilar parents or stock

breed animals or plants using parents of different races and varieties

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While the club puts crossbreeds such as dorkies - dachshund/Yorkshire terrier - on companion dog and activity registers, it does not have detailed ancestry and health information.
As with all CrossBreed holsters, the Appendix Carry comes with a generous "two week, try it free" guarantee as well as a lifetime warranty.
Another option from CrossBreed is the Purse Defender, designed for large or small handbags.
Sylvy, a former Kenilworth Dogs Trust pooch who is hoping to |win an award in the 'Scruffts' crossbreed competition at Crufts
The new facility dramatically increases CrossBreed Holsters' production capabilities to meet current and future demand and opens the door to future industry expansion.
When will pet owners (and breeders) realise that just because the parents of these pups may be KC registered this certainly doesn't make them a pedigree, they are crossbreeds.
8220;CrossBreed is thrilled to once again team up With Springfield Armory on another of their fine products,” said Mark Craighead, owner of CrossBreed Holsters.
Washington, Sep 14 (ANI): Gardeners crossbreed flowers to produce pretty petals or sweet scents - and now scientists have shown how important is this natural talent for producing new types of flowers.
Now RSPCA officials are appealing for information to try to find out where the eight week old collie crossbreed came from.
Ringo, a poodle, was born without eyes and therefore relies on his black and white crossbreed pal to guide him.
Thin columns made up of assorted plastic bottles, illuminated from within by a single fluorescent tube, they crossbreed the bare Minimalism of Flavin's early store-bought neon fittings with the mischievous flanerie of Cadere's beaded, multicolored Barres de Bois (Wood Poles).
If a wild relative grows near a crop plant, chances are good that the two will crossbreed.
52 per month for a crossbreed cat and from pounds 6.
But Suzi said she didn't blame the crossbreed marauders.