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bred from parents of different varieties or species

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Previous studies have found that under heat stress rectal temperatures were higher in Bos taurus and crossbred with higher Bos taurus genetic fraction than Bos indicus (Carvalho et al.
So what exactly is a crossbred or a composite animal?
Livestock Northwest and the Cumbria Farmer Network are holding an open day July 12 at Red House Farm, where the crossbred lambs can be viewed and Innovis's Dewi Jones will discuss the Aberdale crossbreeding programme.
It is the best milk production by a crossbred cow at any of the government institutional dairy farms in the country and is comparable to the milk yield of cows in countries like USA, Israel and Denmark, considered the best dairy producers.
This may eventually enhance the marketability of purebred and crossbred Brahman calves.
Ultimately, the Company plans to achieve a sustainable population of purebred and crossbred Boer goats in Mainland China to replace existing inferior breeds that lack the high rate of productivity and high meat-to-bone ratio characteristic of the Boer goat.
RSPCA inspectors fear that imported American bulldogs are being crossbred with pitbull terriers to create a heavyweight superdog capable of astounding feats of power and ferocity.
Their 12-year-old crossbred Springer Spaniel, Pluto, was as "fit as a fiddle, and exercised at least twice daily, according to Mary, until showing signs of slowing up a few short weeks ago.
If it works, it'll be thanks to years of work by the American Chestnut Foundation, which initially bread the American chestnut with its disease-resistant Chinese cousin, then crossbred over and over to winnow out all non-American chestnut characteristics except the disease-resistance.
Akakce's figures and alien-looking flora have been crossbred with fantastic mechanical apparatuses, which themselves often seem to be agents of surveillance, transport, or bondage.
Seed companies have developed hybrids, plants that are crossbred repeatedly between different "parent" plants until a brand-new variety is created.
The crossbred mice didn't develop such problems until several weeks later.
I also look forward to the day when breeding companies can produce more efficient crossbred beef cows with planned hybrid vigour for use as breeding replacement in commercial suckler herds.
3) The Diana, Princess of Wales rose, shown below, was crossbred by Zary in a greenhouse in Somis.