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bred from parents of different varieties or species

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2015) found that crossbred cows had higher 90-d pregnancy rates in a study involving Holsteins, Jerseys, and crosses with various percentages of these two breeds.
In this study, we aimed to survey the genome-wide DNA methylation pattern in the longissimus dorsi muscle (LDM) to identify methylated genes which contributed to the differences in growth and carcass traits between Small Tailed Han and Dorperx-Small Tailed Han crossbred sheep.
The prediction Equations were tested for all animals and then separately for crossbred and Holstein.
A Jersey crossbred heifer aged about two years and two Holstein Friesian crossbred calves aged about 9 months were presented for evaluation and treatment of eye worm infection with history of conjunctivitis, conjuctival edema (Fig.
Fatty acid, amino acid and mineral composition of milk from Nguni and local crossbred cows in South Africa.
To get crossbred female sheep from Texel and Poll Dorset, cryopreserved semen doses of the above breeds were used for intrauterine laparoscopic insemination.
Crossbred genotype was in all cases, below the expected frequency most probably due to the relatively low numbers of observations present as compared to those of the B.
Of the produced crossbred carabao, Ranjhan said: "Your country is now at the edge of developing the Philippine Murrah buffalo, which is comparable to the Indian Murrah buffalo.
So what exactly is a crossbred or a composite animal?
A total of 268 cattle have been catalogued for judging at the Fair led by 67 crossbred steers and 65 crossbred heifers.
We are finding that these smaller, hardier and more productive crossbred ewes suited to putting to a high performance terminal sire are in demand from lowland producers and from breeders who wish to breed their own Aberdale replacements.
Ludhiana, July 28 (ANI): A crossbred cow in Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University's (GADVASU) dairy farm in Ludhiana sets a national record by producing 10,493 litres of milk in 305 days.
THE search has begun for he top crossbred canines in Coventry and Warwickshire over the next month.