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a bow fixed transversely on a wooden stock grooved to direct the arrow (quarrel)

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AMS, Muzzy and Cajun Archery also make crossbow fishing tackle you can affix to your regular hunting rig, or that "alternate" crossbow you bought for turkeys and other small game.
Many people are reluctant to try a crossbow because they have no knowledge of what they need or how to use the equipment.
As was noted in the feature article about the buck, the Pennsylvania Game Commission classifies crossbows as archery tackle, allows unrestricted crossbow use throughout the state's archery seasons and includes crossbow kills in the archery category of its official Big Game Records Program.
Remedy: Consumers should stop using the recalled crossbows immediately and return them to Precision Shooting Equipment for a free repair.
In many aspects, the crossbow is very similar to a gun.
And a crossbow just can't compare with the ease of use and accuracy, both over short and long distances, of shotguns and muzzle-loaders.
Several years ago that changed, when the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) voted to allow a short crossbow season between regular archery season and black powder season.
A press release following the Summit stated: 'The organizational representatives at the Bowhunting Summit were unanimous in their opposition to crossbows .
CROSSBOWS can be sold by anyone and bought by anyone over the age of 18.
A state-by-state list of crossbow regulations compiled by the American Crossbow Federation shows a wide variety of rules.
Crossbows are subject to statutory controls by virtue of the Crossbows Act 1987, which makes it an offence to sell or hire a crossbow to a person under the age of 17.
A RUGBY student, whose life has been improved since he mastered crossbow shooting, has been given an award to mark his achievements.
2 has fascinated radio astronomers for nearly a decade: Its structure resembles a crossbow launching an arrow.
Pony Express Sport Shop in Sepulveda, California, has an archery division that is second to none and so seemed the logical place to bone-up on crossbow theory.
Pricing requests can be directed to the Crossbow Sales Department at sales@xbow.