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finch with a bill whose tips cross when closed

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Dad-of-one Jonathan - who splits his time between Glasgow, Aviemore and London - named Crossbill after the little bird unique to the Highlands.
Two-barred crossbills - brightly coloured finches that feed on pine cone seeds - have made the long flight from their Scandinavian home to a parcel of the Wyre Forest, near the village of Buttonoak.
Upland breeding birds, such as Scottish crossbills (found only in Scotland), ptarmigans and snow buntings could soon find their habitat disappearing from beneath them.
As such, the red crossbill is added to the list of permanent avian residents for Nuevo Leon.
The researchers examined the carotenoid content of the liver, blood, skin and feathers of seven common crossbills (finches) in which adult males display carotenoid-based coloration on the throat, breast and rump.
Keep your eyes peeled for red squirrel, red deer, pine martens and rare birds including the Scottish crossbill and capercaillie.
TURN that thermostat down - or the Scottish crossbill gets it
The study, carried out by the RSPB in Highland forests, identified the Scottish crossbill as the UK's only endemic bird species, meaning it is not found anywhere else.
l The Scottish Crossbill is found nowhere else in the world but in the pinewoods of the Central Highlands
To find seeds, flocks of crossbills often fly great distances, especially in winter.
When we met up to get a taste of things to come, he explained: 'These create a whole range of employment, including tourism and recreation, agriculture, forestry and sporting estate management, but also the characteristic wildlife such as pine marten, capercaillie, Scottish crossbill and crested tit.
purpureus (Gmelin), purple I O finch Coccothraustes vespertinus I R (Cooper), evening grosbeak Fringilla montifringilla Linnaeus, I R brambling Loxia curvirostra Linnaeus, red N R crossbill L.
Seeds of pines are eaten by game birds such as turkey and quail; songbirds such as Red Crossbill, Evening Grosbeak, Brown-headed Nuthatch, Pine Siskin, Car olina Chickadee, and Pine Warbler; and mammals such squirrels and mice (Martin, et al.
The book then ends with six diarylike entries about Rigoni's life today in his sylvan retreat, the birds and animals that share his space on the planet with him, and memories of his own past and of his native region that are almost as vivid to him as the roebucks, fox, and crossbill who visit his yard and garden.
Sand Martin, Golden Plover, Blk Guillemot, Chough, Crossbill, Peregrine @A470training: Just had great news, Tess has been found in Mid Wales (no news of pup yet) THANK YOU for all your help searching for the #trawsfynyddtwo xxx @DavidRPhotos: Just had great news, Tess has been found in Mid Wales (no news of pup yet) THANK YOU for all your help searching for the #trawsfynyddtwo xxx @WayneRooney: I want to apologise to Jamie Thomas, I have arranged for a letter and a signed shirt to be sent to his home address @jameslynden: Other side of office.