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a horizontal bar that goes across something

game equipment consisting of a horizontal bar to be jumped or vaulted over

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long thin horizontal crosspiece between two vertical posts

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With our working Crossbar array, we have achieved all the major technical milestones that prove our RRAM technology is easy to manufacture and ready for commercialization.
This was a brilliant night for the club, with the guy hitting the crossbar, with a crowd of over 46,000 and us winning in the end it doesn't get much better for the club than this.
Ten minutes from time Leighton substitute Hassan Eilal could only scoop the ball over United's crossbar from two yards out.
But thanks to the bevvy, the real crossbar challenge for yours truly was trying to focus on the bloody thing.
Chatsworth's best scoring chance game in the sixth minute, when Bob Colocho hit the crossbar on a free kick from 35 yards out.
Depicting the young man's decision to stand up for himself and accept the challenge to join the school's hockey team, Off The Crossbar brings its young readers through an emotional and encouraging time all a result of determination on Charlie's behalf.
On Sunday afternoon a BBC sports reporter said: "Newcastle's Jenas headed for goal, but the crossbar came to Manchester United's rescue
Two nurses' stations are located on either end of the crossbar, allowing staff to meet in the middle when transferring residents from one place to another.
Using a crossbar test structure consisting of a molecular monolayer sandwiched between a series of perpendicular metal wires, collaborators at separate facilities recorded nearly identical electrical measurements.
These enhancements, combined with the second-generation Hi-Star crossbar switch-based architecture and virtual storage ports enable enterprise customers to further lower their total cost of ownership (TCO) through massive consolidation of their storage systems.
McData emphasizes its non-blocking serial crossbar architecture.
According to Nanosys, Lieber and his team arranged nanowires into a simple crossbar architecture that allowed communication among tiny nanowires one ten-thousandth the width of a human hair.
A new modular transfer system for handling large sheetmetal parts spearheads the next generation of crossbar transfer presses.
Above the midga te is a crossbar made of high-strength steel and above that is the removable rear window.
The upper crossbar can be raised or lowered to accommodate paper targets of varying size.