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two stitches forming a cross or X

embroidery done with pairs of stitches that cross each other

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In this stole, both figure and background are cross-stitched on fine linen with 27 threads per inch, making over 250,000 stitches on the stole.
Prices range from $65 to $1,200, and items include cross-stitched tops, high-waisted patchwork and classic A-line skirts, tie-waist pants, princess dresses and custom-crafted beaded jewelry, The process: customers select items from the store's array of samples, then the owners take their measurements and whip up garments that fit perfectly.
A sampler has been cross-stitched from a transposed graphic of a Tracert DOS command.
But a juxtaposition of cross-stitched samplers reading I AIN'T YO MAMA & HE SHO AS HELL AIN'T YO DADDY and I AM NOT YOUR MOTHER AND HE SURELY IS NOT YOUR FATHER was simplistic.
HIT: An elegant mix of modern and classic, this cross-stitched cushion comes from Rosebys's luxury collection.
At her preopening reception, Chicago - who was born Judy Cohen but took the name of her city of birth - explained that they each researched the proverbs, and then as a team settled on seven values that would form the theme and content of their work - family, responsibility, conservation, tolerance, human rights, hope and change - which are depicted in a cross-stitched and embroidered sampler that Chicago says dates back to ``the good old days, which weren't particularly kind to women.
To remember the evening, each guest received a keepsake pillow that was cross-stitched with ``Happy Millennium.