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shaped in the form of a cross

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Daily mass is celebrated in the Santisimo chapel, a rectangular space with a cross-shaped aperture punched into the wall at one end.
Moreover, maize produces cross-shaped phytoliths bearing a fairly distinctive three-dimensional structure, she says.
It's wise to place an upright specimen such as a begonia or zonal pelargonium in the centre and plant the trailers on the outside of the basket around itOf course, there are many other liners, arguably easier and just as effective, including green-dyed wool waste or coir fibre with cross-shaped holes cut for planting.
He suffered extensive, deep head wounds and cross-shaped injuries to his skull.
The dumbbell-shaped silica body is responsible for the gritty feel of many grasses (silica is a natural grass); the cross-shaped cork cell produces a resilient substance that, Thomasson speculates, may serve as a shock absorber (magnification: 1725x).
She is 38, black, 5ft 2in, with black hair, two gold earrings in each ear and a prominent cross-shaped mark on her forehead.
The stage is a huge wooden cross-shaped platform surrounded by scaffolding and warehouse brick walls.
Old stone lintels have been re-used where possible and the cross-shaped pattern of the range has been carefully preserved.
During the hourlong service, Diana's coffin rested on a catafalque at the heart of the cross-shaped abbey as sunlight beamed down on it from the abbey's massive round stained glass window of many colors.
But for the eerie, cross-shaped ship called the Event Horizon, the team, including models designer David Sharpe, wound up taking their inspiration from one of Europe's most famous cathedrals, Notre Dame.
The theme park, which will bar smoking, gambling and consumption of alcoholic beverages, would house most New Testament scenes in a mile-long, cross-shaped building, while most of the Old Testament sites would be outside.
was charged with animal cruelty and illegally possessing a wild animal after officers found the fawn in the back of her four-wheel drive Sunday with cross-shaped earrings in its pierced ears.
cross-shaped cut on his cheekbone when he stepped out with rocker palKeith Richardsin Mayfair on Wednesday night.
Ditto by 3Form uses snap-together cross-shaped pieces to create a feature element.
The three medals are a silver medal, to mark the outbreak of war, a gold Victory medal to celebrate the defeat of Germany, and a cross-shaped campaign medal.