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representing a plane made by cutting across something at right angles to its length

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However, these status identities allowed us to test their effects cross-sectionally as well as longitudinally.
Our findings are in agreement with Jones and Nies (1996) who examined subscale scores of the EBBS cross-sectionally and found that the exercise benefit with the highest mean score for adult women was "life enhancement.
Our first research question concerned the longitudinal replication of the curvilinear pattern in the bond between young people and their parents--a pattern that was previously determined cross-sectionally though the first measurement in 1991 (Van Wel, 1994).
The purpose of this study was twofold: first, to longitudinally investigate racial differences in identified risk factors as predictors of adolescent involvement in delinquent and substance-using behavior and second, to cross-sectionally investigate by race the relationship among the predictors.
To the extent that the data are collected by different surveys for the same sector that will be matched cross-sectionally, appropriate coordination of the panel rotation is required.
Thus, while not all of the variation in local system formation may be attributable to factors that vary cross-sectionally within a contemporary time frame, a substantial proportion of system growth has occurred in recent periods and can be subjected to cross-sectional analysis.
This requires an improved mixing-capacity cross-sectionally, as defined here with reference to figures 1 and 2, which is caused by a much tighter concentration of helical grooves (refs.
When analysis is performed cross-sectionally using either ratios or common-sized statements, care should be exercised when different accounting principles are used by various companies such as FIFO versus LIFO for inventory costing.
This allowed us to cross-sectionally deflate the investment series by State before further aggregating to all U.
Given the data available from the first three steps, the latent demand is estimated using a varying-parameter cross-sectionally pooled time series model.
However, BPA concentrations at age 9 were cross-sectionally associated with increased BMI z-score, waist circumference, and body fat and increased odds of obesity/overweight at age 9 after controlling for confounders.
Section II considers why transnational terrorist activities may be cross-sectionally correlated.
9) We find that buyout leverage is cross-sectionally unrelated to the leverage of matched public firms and is largely driven by factors other than what explains leverage in public firms.
If you look cross-sectionally, you don't see much change," he noted.
However, that analysis presents two main caveats: it cross-sectionally demeans the data, which constitutes a very restrictive form of cross-correlation and only allows for a maximum of two breaks.