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representing a plane made by cutting across something at right angles to its length

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Our first question asked how ever-EL and current-EL frameworks compare in terms of ELs' identification in special education cross-sectionally.
However, in Project Viva, higher midchildhood PFAS concentrations were cross-sectionally associated with lower HOMA-IR at the same time point, suggesting a protective cross-sectional association (Fleisch et al.
The CIPS test is based on the average of individual cross-sectionally augmented ADF statistics (CADF) as follows:
In a downstream jet, the cross-sectionally averaged fuel volume fraction at a given axial distance can be expressed as:
The social and economic characteristics of hourly workers within each category were studied cross-sectionally for the year 2013.
35) There is also a need to standardize the scanning technique because, as a sphere, the eye may be scanned longitudinally or cross-sectionally and there is no way of knowing how this may affect the results.
Discrimination has been associated cross-sectionally with lifetime prescription drug use and prospectively with substance use problems.
As well as this, it aims to compare the differences in consumption patterns between the first-year and the fifth-year students, and the professors, after obtaining alcohol consumption data cross-sectionally at the moment in which the teaching project is initiated.
In this respect, we observe that in a subregional setting the price of each life insurance product, measured as policy loadings and commissions, is cross-sectionally invariant, as the products sold are the same nationwide.
Bebbington cites an extensive literature of epidemiological studies, most of which go well beyond simple head counts and descriptive epidemiology, to analyze the development and prognosis of psychosis cross-sectionally and longitudinally.
Given the fact that osteoporosis is mainly asymptomatic prior to the first bone fracture, there is an imperative need to cross-sectionally determine BMD and to longitudinally evaluate the trend and pace of BMD loss in the Romanian cohort, in order to determine the right timing for any interventions deemed necessary to slow down the progression of bone impairment or to prevent future complications such as fragility fractures.
Up to one third of practicing clinicians could be expected to be suffering from burn out if assessed cross-sectionally.
In an ideal world, one would compare fraudulent voting percentages before and after the institution of fines of varying magnitude, that comparison being done both cross-sectionally and intertemporally in a panel data framework (to obtain evidence about the likely importance of information lags in compliance).
i, t] t are the observed characteristics of stock t, they are standardized cross-sectionally to have zero mean and unit standard deviation across all stocks at date t.
In particular, stock prices will not adjust in a way that gives rise to a cross-sectionally constant discount rate, which is only true if all firms are equally risky and stock prices follow a random walk.