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representing a plane made by cutting across something at right angles to its length

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on the feasibility of the maximum cross-section of at least 22 square meters in rocks of minimum compressive strength Rc = 80 MPa from one setting to combine the mining authority and power of 130 kW +/- 5%;
Particularly, changing of river cross-section is most evident changes of size, shape and composition.
Information about fibre orientation in composite space is used in further calculations of fixing the number of fibres and their distribution in the composite crack failure cross-section.
Teijin says the modified cross-section fibers enable new functions to be added and the appearance and texture of original fibers to be altered.
Full-round cross-section (machined into two matching mold plates);
In addition, the cross-section of elementary fiber is not perfectly round.
Together, these articles provide a cross-section of the highly active area of environmental health research regarding exposure to inorganic and organic mercury and health outcomes.
Drying times were determined for a group of round cross-section ponderosa pine logs and a group of square timbers.
Abstract: In specialized literature the problem of average cross-section of chip by grinding was considered from two aspects.
Since the cast steel fitting cross-section is maintained larger than the pipe cross-section, it assures the pipe will fail first.
The cross-section of the insert's parting line in a conventional blow mold traditionally takes the form of a horizontal line, the main reason being that it is easier and less costly for a tool-builder to machine in straight lines.