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representing a plane made by cutting across something at right angles to its length

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i], and then substitute it in the equilibrium condition (11) for residual stresses of the cross-section.
The configurations chosen were those with uniform compressed cross-sections, such as cylinder and washer shapes with different diameters and shape factors, and one with a non-uniform compressed cross-section, a (-214) o-ring.
Although the citizenry has long been supportive of the wide-ranging NIH research portfolio and actively engaged in its development, environmental health research uniquely lends itself to a broad cross-section of advocacy support.
However, because of the relatively low thermal conductivity of iron that will result in relatively slow heat transfer through the chill cross-section, not all the heat transfer potential of an iron chill can be realized.
Clearly, when a model is composed of many cross sections, its behavior must also depend strongly on the position of global maximums on the individual cross-section curves.
The cross-section at the second point from the left is typical of what is observed in practice - i.
Seamless Circular Cross-section Cold-drawn or Cold-rolled Tubes and Pipes Made of Steel Other Than Stainless Steel: European Union Market Outlook 2010 and Forecast till 2015
It has a distinct morphology, recognizable before soldering and in cross-section imaging before or after soldering.
Isomeric cross-section ratios and total cross-sections for the Se-74(n,2n)Se-73-g,m,Zr-90(n,2n)Zr-89-g,m and Mo-92(n,2n)Mo-91-g,m reactions.
Particularly, changing of river cross-section is most evident changes of size, shape and composition.
One of the key differentiators of Coolmax Air fibers from other standard wicking fibers in the marketplace is its patented cross-section that is propeller shaped," says Heather Stefani, Invista's global segment leader for Activewear.
Based on this model, the correlation between the amount of fibres in the crack failure cross-section and tensile strength during composite split test has been established.
Most rubber mold designers use one of three or four main geometric shapes for the cross-section of the runner.