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refer from one entry to another, as in catalogues, books, and lists

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The common practice of cross-referring to prices in other countries means that exceptional price cuts in countries like Greece and Portugal can trigger automatic cuts in richer countries.
By cross-referring this information with a computerised database, mechanics could identify parts that needed to be checked for wear at the click of a mouse.
We are independent law firms but with complementary practices, so we have begun cross-referring work in a meaningful way particularly into and out of Paris," said Jean-Philippe Lambert, Partner-in-Charge of Mayer, Brown, Rowe & Maw, Paris.
In addition, Seasons Come To Pass entices the novice into an early sense of comparison by cross-referring several poems in these notes.
If each of these other professionals in turn works exclusively with dentists, then this networking group can easily help each other by cross-referring business.