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a reference at one place in a work to information at another place in the same work

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at a time, eschewing a treatment of cross-referencing writ large.
Indeed, one of the interesting aspects of Aerosol Kingdom is the unexpected cross-referencing to more established art meant to defend and define the art and artists, its culture, and the phenomena of "writing.
Here's how a standard insurance database can transform the client service resources of most accounting practices: It performs tasks such as referencing and cross-referencing client names against selected search criteria, provides contact information, identities other professionals the client works with and accesses demographic information.
This cross-referencing is unique for a medical text.
xrefer goes farther than any of the other aggregators of ready-reference sources by integrating, not just aggregating, 50 or so awesome sources through cross-referencing and cross-linking.
Unfortunately I found cross-referencing difficult and after numerous failures I just gave up.
All articles will include an explanatory introduction, along with extensive cross-referencing and complete citations to pertinent source material.
The quite accessible New Explorer Dictionary Of Word Origins (1892859661) provides both students and browsers with an easily-used format where entries are arranged alphabetically for quick look-ups, but provide plenty of cross-referencing for complete word understanding.
Selection guides, related product cross-referencing, product page headings, quick indices and a comprehensive table of contents are said to make navigating the catalog fast and easy.
FullAuthority eliminates hours of reading and re-reading, cross-referencing, alphabetizing, marking, and all other tedious tasks associated with preparing a table of authorities.
Another recent enhancement is to offer more internal cross-referencing to help blog readers in their search for energy-related information.
Cross-referencing with the company information section is also included, to assist in finding contact information.
Refine the results by cross-referencing to a list of people who are mentioned in searched articles.
In addition to streamlining multiple-language publishing, Lonely Planet is leveraging strong support for Visual Basic scripting in InDesign CS to automate repetitious manual tasks and has developed an automated cross-referencing system.
LexisNexis Total Search guides legal professionals through their drafting or research tasks with the intelligent cross-referencing of information embedded within firm internal content or trusted LexisNexis news, legal, business and public records materials, including Shepard's Signal(TM) indicators.