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a reference at one place in a work to information at another place in the same work

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jurisdiction over all cross-referenced regimes proceed on functionalist
It is understood that the submitted photographs will be cross-referenced against a database of images of UK paedophiles and other criminals.
The lessons are then cross-referenced to that state's academic learning standards.
Prefectural police across Japan had cross-referenced palm prints manually because the development of the system took time due to the complexity of palm prints compared with fingerprints.
Rare are those sentences in Hitchens' assigned texts that are left unturned, the passages that are not cross-referenced, the contradictions that are not outed.
All are cross-referenced to related entries and include recommendations for additional reading.
The book is thoroughly cross-referenced by chemical composition, function, CAS, EINECS, FEMA and E numbers, giving where possible details of synonyms, formulas, toxicology, precautions and usage levels, as well as summaries of regulatory information for the United States, Europe and Japan.
GCM 39616 is troublesome because it finds the definitions of control in the sections cross-referenced by Sec.
For example, an appointment list can be cross-referenced to a client list, a to-do list and a Rolodex file.
To keep current more than 2,000 cross-referenced entries which explain some of the most frequently used terms in math, and to add more than 300 new entries to reflect changes in the six years since the last edition's appearance.
2 /PRNewswire/ -- FineLine BarCode Technologies, a leading provider of barcode ticketing and software solutions, has introduced its ColorSynch Solution for color to size cross-referenced tickets.
The above deficiency was cross-referenced to F279, F282, F309, and F328, resulting in SqoC and imposition of a civil monetary penalty of $5,500 per day for 41 days, totaling more than $200,000.
This collaboration enhances the ATCC Standards Resource, providing mutual customers of the two organizations with rapid access to cross-referenced information about widely used microbiology test methods and laboratory procedural standards from CLSI that cite ATCC products.