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a reference at one place in a work to information at another place in the same work

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by strength of cross-reference, addressing mandatory, discretionary, and
The court found some basis in a congressional committee report for concluding that the cross-reference refers to the large corporate underpayment definition.
So, if you can't find the right part, look for the supplemental cross-reference index.
The existing cross-reference links in the OED are important but limited in their scope.
Chemical Component Cross-Reference contains an alphabetical listing of more than 4000 food chemicals and materials.
Those companies with Enhanced Listings appear in Red in the cross-references.
Topic as well as author entries make it easy to cross-reference information for associative study, while listings blend biography and review of major works with critical analysis.
95) provides a thorough complete HTML, CSS, and Javascript cross-reference, telling how to use almost every HTML element and filter available.
A convenient strategy for client follow-up meetings is to cross-reference clients within a set geographic area.
According to the company, the Q Series authority control enhancements allow a library to easily import USMARC Authority control records and set up all USMARC Authority cross-reference types.
It also includes up-to-date sample filings of how the SEC rules have been applied by a variety of companies, along with numerous practice aids, including complete filing requirements' checklists for cross-reference charts.
This new file and format will provide Information Access Company tape licensing customers with a bibliographic cross-reference system similar to the book catalog reference system," said Devine.
Currently, the team is upgrading the blog to provide cross-reference links to additional resources such as government and media sites.
The "News" function enables users to instantly cross-reference their search keywords to a suite of frequently used data-search categories.