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a reference at one place in a work to information at another place in the same work

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by strength of cross-reference, addressing mandatory, discretionary, and
The IRS argued that the cross-reference is intended to refer only to the definition of "taxable period" and that, since the large corporate underpayment had set up a different threshold ($100,000 vs.
So, if you can't find the right part, look for the supplemental cross-reference index.
Casino City's Worldwide Casino Guide CD features an easy-to-use interface containing all cross-reference lists in the printed guide with links to complete profiles for gaming properties and industry suppliers.
The GetAcross tool is an easy to use and powerful cross-reference option that enables the user to select a manufacturer's name and/or part number to determine if Catalyst offers a cross and determine the correct part number.
The "News" function enables users to instantly cross-reference their search keywords to a suite of frequently used data-search categories.
Liquent) (Nasdaq: LQNT), the premier provider of electronic publishing solutions, today announced that its new product offerings for this quarter -- Liquent Insignia(TM), CoreDossier(R) Global(TM), Liquent CoreReports(TM) and Liquent Cross-Reference Plus(TM) -- have been generating a lot of excitement within the life sciences marketplace, with many customers already investing in these best-of-breed solutions.
All companies with featured listings will have their company listing bolded in every product and service category in which they appear in the Supplier by Category Cross-Reference section of the Guide.
95) provides a thorough complete HTML, CSS, and Javascript cross-reference, telling how to use almost every HTML element and filter available.
The book is divided into four sections, Part One is the trade name reference, Part Two is the Chemical Dictionary Cross-Reference, Part Three is the Functional Cross-Reference and Part Four is the Manufacturers Directory.
Its new Business Entity Cross Reference Service provides immediate cross-reference capabilities for over 2 million public and private entities using standardized and proprietary identifiers, including all available Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) codes.
Entries are in tabular format, with brief notes on chemical composition and cross-reference specifications.
Within each cross-reference are general categories and subcategories.
Currently, the team is upgrading the blog to provide cross-reference links to additional resources such as government and media sites.