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refer from one entry to another, as in catalogues, books, and lists

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The agreement between the two banks will cross-refer clients.
Encouraging professionals to relate to each other's roles, cross-refer and take on additional services will be made much easier under one roof, " he added.
A large part of her role also involves business networking, and, to boost her fundraising potential, Carole recently decided to join BNI Merseyside, a group of businessmen and women who meet over breakfast to network and cross-refer new business leads to one another.
For business-to-business referrals, create a partnership to cross-refer potential customers.
A Ford spokesperson said: "The Ford Pension Funds are required to pay pension increases in line with provisions that cross-refer to the relevant legislation.
Team members share and cross-refer relevant information to other disciplines either here in Birmingham or to other specialists in the firm's offices around the UK.
She is one of seven professionals living within a single square mile who cross-refer business to each other.
It may also get me into trouble with the tax man, should he ever cross-refer and come across a legal document, with my signature, declaring myself in domicile.
The descriptions cross-refer to suppliers and a new feature, a flip-out map, enables rose-hunters to identify their nearest source easily.