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a question asked in cross-examination

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The new willingness of the Westminster village to discuss immigration is remarkable, given that it is less than three years since Gordon Brown squirmed under cross-questioning from Gillian Duffy.
District Emergency Officer Dr Abdul Rehman and Firefighting Officer Ghulam Muhammad Naz appeared before Special Judge of ATC Chaudhry Habib-ur-Rehman for cross-questioning.
During cross-questioning, fiscal depute Dev Kapadia put it to Evans that he felt Mr McCaig had "gone a step too far with his verbal abuse" and that the rugby star punched him after a "red mist" came over him.
There's something wonderful about that sort of Poirot, Agatha Christie-style investigation: cross-questioning all the witnesses and checking their stories, looking for means, motive and opportunity.
The ministry recently conducted the first scientific field study on begging based on cross-questioning and analysing some beggars, in collaboration with Sultan Qaboos
The poor acoustics made his evidence difficult to hear from the back of the public seating area as the convention's panel were earnestly engaged in cross-questioning.
Not for her the public hostility and tough cross-questioning that marked Makosi's exit.
Under cross-questioning by defence counsel Donald Findlay QC, Mr Kelly said: 'I was alarmed.
But it did mean that Churchill would subject his generals and admirals to a merciless cross-questioning about military minutiae.
Under cross-questioning, Mr Daly said he could not remember anyone buying any alcohol to bring on board.
Microsoft's charges were made in the cross-questioning of government witness John Soyring, IBM Corp's director of network- computing software services.
Counsel for Imran Khan asked from IC judge during the course of cross-questioning as to how the ballot papers had different colors.