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a contrary aim

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He says: "Large companies struggle with product innovation not because there is a lack of commitment but because innovation is often at cross-purpose with other aspects of the business.
RD OF Redditch appears to be at cross-purposes concerning his reference to Carl Chinn MBE's statement relating to 1,000 as opposed to Larry Lamb's 1001 trades, and of whom supposedly is right and correct?
Congratulations: you've established a textbook case of cross-purposes, in which both parties are right in different ways -- yes, it's untidy; no, that's not all you meant when you said so -- thereby all but guaranteeing several hours of increasingly petty sniping, until sleep descends, or a more fulfilling alternative presents itself, such as finally cleaning the grout between the bathroom tiles.
Conferences like this help ensure that regulators, professionals, and users are working toward common goals rather than being at cross-purposes.
In his account of how sociology of religion developed in America, Blasi presents history as a sociologist would, through social movements, organizations, groups working in concert, and groups working at cross-purposes.
With the addition of the WRTA bus hub to the environs, and road and traffic signal changes -- plus taxi drivers' habit of congregating at the front of Union Station whether they have a fare there or not -- Washington Square at rush hour has become a knot of cross-purposes.
In other words, too much multitasking or too many demands at cross-purposes can and will sabotage one's highest dreams.
government can work at cross-purposes in dealing with terrorism, take a look at the failed effort to release Afghan prisoners from Guantanamo.
It is imperative for the smooth running of the ECP and for holding free and fair elections that the CEC and all ECP members stay on the same wavelength, for if they are at cross-purposes at this crucial juncture in the country's history then Justice Ebrahim's appointment would not make much of a difference.
The Park51 debate is working at cross-purposes with post-9/11 U.
It's a festive parade of every weapon in the youthful playwright''s comic arsenal -from excruciating cross-purposes to silly impersonations, drunkenness, bust-ups and pratfalls.
However, although not at cross-purposes, the assessments are not well aligned with one another.
For another, at least nine government agencies have been involved in the fight against the plume, sometimes at cross-purposes.
The novel is peopled with a host of wacky characters, all running amok at cross-purposes.
But these efforts are doomed to fail because they are working at cross-purposes with other activities supported by Gonzales and Villaraigosa--dismantling our southern border.