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fertilization by transfer of pollen from the anthers of one flower to the stigma of another

stimulating influence among diverse elements

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Thomason said he understands "the threat I pose to medical marijuana industry" because of cross-pollination.
GM critics say the incident proves that non-GM farmers will end up bearing the cost of any cross-pollination that leads to contamination.
Nevertheless, plant breeders do encourage us to keep an eye open for 'sports' produced by cross-pollination - some of the finest cultivars are found not in the laboratory but the garden.
Wheat is a self-pollinating plant so there is virtually no chance of any cross-pollination with local wheat.
This is because the board does not want cross-pollination of this variety with any other, which could weaken the succeeding plants.
At that time, the market will take place in the South and Kentia halls only, which GLM believes will "maximize traffic flow, allow for more cross-pollination between the 11 distinct product divisions and better accommodate [the] expanded on-site programs and events.
Field trials could be underestimating the potential for cross-pollination between GM and conventional crops, according to academics.
A gathering of successful entrepreneurs can generate a lot of electricity and cross-pollination that can't be duplicated in a more diverse audience.
There's a lot of cross-pollination between literacy and numeracy at the elementary level.
Minefields is an archaeological treasure of African American dance scholarship that reveals the cross-pollination of music, theater and dance in collaborations that revolutionized the performing arts.
Cross-pollination is sometimes part of the process.
Planting at least two varieties ensures cross-pollination and the best yields.
Be sure to plant them at least 30 days before or after any other corn crop, or plant in a distant location to avoid cross-pollination.
He will examine the "traditional" roles of planetary exploration and terrestrial mining with a focus on commonalties and cross-pollination potential.
The natural products company Seeds of Change explains: "Open-pollinated seeds, unlike commercial hybrids and genetically modified seeds, will produce seed, which if properly controlled to avoid cross-pollination, will reproduce true to form.