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Synonyms for cross-pollinate

fertilize by transfering pollen

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Because the tomato pollen source is so close to where it needs to be for pollination, tomatoes rarely cross-pollinate.
Early Assyrian farmers would cross-pollinate plants by hand.
What if hepatitis B vaccine bananas (like the StarLink corn story) cross-pollinate or get mixed in with natural bananas?
that they knew [their seed] would cross-pollinate or contaminate.
What about the issue of "genetic drift," the notion that GM crops will cross-pollinate with adjacent "wild" equivalents, thereby erasing crucial crop diversity?
Women are like bees: they cross-pollinate and share information.
Ask for compatible ones so they flower at the same time and insects can cross-pollinate them.
Tsunoda, who recently gave AI a tour of Honda's Motegi museum in Japan, notes that Honda doesn't cross-pollinate bike and car engineers the way it used to.
An effort to cross-pollinate the school supplies category with aromatherapy has yielded a line of highlighters that alternately promise to keep readers alert, soothe stressed minds and energize the senses.
To cross-pollinate young talent, furniture students helped create the textile designs and textile students were involved in the frame construction of the prototype collection.
Other plants among the 40,000 different populations, or accessions - representing over a thousand species - are maintained in field cages where bees and flies cross-pollinate them.
You cannot help but to cross-pollinate ideas with other branches to see what works, especially at the roundtables.
Original content from all three brands will cross-pollinate to serve the vast and diverse audience of passionate auto enthusiasts.
What kind of plants you end up growing next year will depend on whether the seeds you collect are from hybrid plants, and whether the seeds were from plants that self-pollinate or cross-pollinate.
By nature plants cross-pollinate and spread genes further afield.