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fertilize by transfering pollen

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About Karim Rashid Karim Rashid is one of the most prolific designers of his generation with over 3000 designs in production and 300 awards from over 40 countries Rashid's diversity allows him the ability to cross-pollinate ideas, materials, behaviors, aesthetics from one typology to the next.
When only one type of apple is grown, bees have to travel from the majority crop to pollinating partner trees and back again to cross-pollinate each flower.
he considers how revolutionary unionists like the IWW and CNT cross-pollinate the environmental movement with direct-action tactics and rank-and-file organizing.
Since most "friends" on Facebook represent weak ties, these acquaintances cross-pollinate "novel information" from one cluster to another.
The seventv-seven-vear-old artist has continued to cross-pollinate these two time-based media throughout her career, liberating bodies from the dramatic strictures of virtuoso performance to cultivate, instead, the wide range of temporalities and rhythms that the body produces of its own accord.
We're on the same label so we were trying to cross-pollinate that.
Pastor Carter said the services would be, "generally, different from each other, yet I can imagine that there will be times that elements will cross-pollinate the other service.
AaAa "The dramatic new airport terminal is an example of how Modernism and traditional Islamic architecture have begun to cross-pollinate," said the magazine in its January issue, noting that the building's massive concrete rhombuses structure is softened by the exquisite arabesque patterns on its glass skin.
They wanted to find varieties that they could cross-pollinate to find a tomato with higher than normal sugar levels.
His wide network of contacts, which he began amassing through his Gay Youth Against Discrimination work, has allowed him to cross-pollinate his twin passions: social issues and socializing.
They both have annual seed cycles with self-pollinating flowers that rarely cross-pollinate.
They tend to cross-pollinate, hybridise, and self-seed freely, creating new strains and colours, so you could soon have your own unique variety.
Scientists are collecting germplasm samples of cacao trees from all parts of the world that seem immune to disease and cross-pollinate them with other trees in the lab.
It's essential to spend this much time and money because we have to cross-pollinate more than 150,000 flowers a year, and it all has to be done by hand.
Other food companies, environmentalists and farmers have said they fear genetically altered rice could cross-pollinate with other food crops, introducing the foreign genes into the regular food chain.