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Synonyms for cross-link

a side bond that links two adjacent chains of atoms in a complex molecule

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join by creating covalent bonds (of adjacent chains of a polymer or protein)

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The cross-links that are derived non-enzymatically occur more adventitiously and are important to patho-biological processes [23].
In the next 3 years the renovation programme will continue with 3 new projects modernization and increase of the capacity of the sub stations Mladost and Festivalna, and construction of another cross-link connection.
It acts as both a photo-sensitizer for the induction of cross-links between collagen fibrils, as well as shielding the underlying tissue from the effects of UVA (Figure 3).
All patients received the Diamondback[R] pedicle screw device, and bilateral fusion patients received Boa Constrictor[TM] cross-link.
We have successfully constructed DNA duplexes containing interstrand alkyl cross-links between the O6 atoms of 2'-deoxyguanosines and have shown that a repair protein is able to repair the duplex when the alkyl chain is 7 carbons long but not when the length is reduced to 4.
Thus, UV irradiation of the sample caused the capture probe to become covalently linked to the target via cross-links that were formed between one or both of the stems at the junctions of the capture and flanking probes and by the cross-links that formed between the flanking probes and the target DNA.
Instead, the team determined that clam-worm jaws are hard wherever zinc cross-links protein networks.
This free service masterfully integrates the best British ready-reference sources via cross-references and cross-links.
Quantitatively, most cross-links are intra- and inter-chain links between loricrin, which is the most abundant CE protein (70%-80%).
cross-links, which are associated with many age-related diseases and the complications of diabetes.
Such longer cross-links might give rise to more intermolecular mixing and cross-linking at the DVR/virgin elastomer interface.
The finishes form cross-links between the molecules of parallel polymer chains.
Therefore, a balance must be achieved for attaining enough reliable cross-links for the biomaterials to last lifetime of the recipients, yet permit the biomaterial to perform as it would be in its natural state.
Hence irradiation leads to the formation of cross-links between the macro-molecules.