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a side bond that links two adjacent chains of atoms in a complex molecule


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The co-polymer between tannin oligomers and furanic moieties foamed (due to the evaporation of the blowing agent) and hardened (thanks to the increasing of cross-linkages between the co-monomers of the lightweight structure.
For example, it is possible to combine cross-linkage method with ionic method in one of the modification.
Appendix: Cassel Competence Grid (CCG) Professional Methodological competence competence Differentiation Positive remarks concerning problem the structuring of the discussion Problem identifying a (partial) Clarifying/concretization problem ensuring contributions are to the Describing a problem point, clarifying illustrating problems Procedural suggestion suggestions for further procedure Cross-linkage problem Procedural question questions about further procedure Connections with Prioritising problems stressing main topics e.
The denominator implies the contribution of all cross-linkage during the whole reaction to the change of G', and the numerator implies the contribution of formed cross-linkage before time t to the change of G'.
On the other hand, some higher Tg materials exhibited low weight loss; the high cross-linkage chemistry of the dielectric resin required some process refinement to reach an acceptable level of weight loss.
Men with cancer (renal-cell cancer in 759 and renal-pelvis cancer in 136) were identified by cross-linkage of data with the nationwide Swedish Cancer Registry.
This sequence contains the lysine residue that participates in the intermolecular cross-linkage of the collagen triple chains.
Concentration of ether-linked ferulic acid, a measure of lignin/polysaccharide cross-linkage by ferulates, is only poorly correlated with cell-wall degradability in grasses (Jung and Vogel, 1992; Jung and Buxton, 1994).
The result is a three-dimenstional network of cross-linkage that is extremely strong and durable.
Cross-linkage to local clinical endpoints and national registries:
By extending the mixing periods at reduced temperatures a significant increase of the compounding rate is achieved in the tread surface area and a significantly more targeted cross-linkage between the carbon black and rubber molecules.
Phenotype: Precise information on health status and extensive lifestyle data Cross-linkage to local clinical endpoints and national registries: "Medical Birth".
Genetics: Purified and quality tested DNA from 65,000 individuals available today From 2008 (the HUNT 3 study): DNA from about 90,000 individuals and 35,000 RNA samples Immortalized cells for cell line production from 65,000 individuals Genetic expression analysis from tumor biopsies Phenotype: Precise information on health status and extensive lifestyle data Cross-linkage to local clinical endpoints and national registries
These dressings are either composed entirely of biological material or denatured through cross-linkage with synthetic or other biological polymers.
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