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a side bond that links two adjacent chains of atoms in a complex molecule


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The co-polymer between tannin oligomers and furanic moieties foamed (due to the evaporation of the blowing agent) and hardened (thanks to the increasing of cross-linkages between the co-monomers of the lightweight structure.
Coupling termination (or recombination) of macroradicals and formation of cross-linkage.
Phenotype: Precise information on health status and extensive lifestyle data Cross-linkage to local clinical endpoints and national registries: "Medical Birth".
Genetics: Purified and quality tested DNA from 65,000 individuals available today From 2008 (the HUNT 3 study): DNA from about 90,000 individuals and 35,000 RNA samples Immortalized cells for cell line production from 65,000 individuals Genetic expression analysis from tumor biopsies Phenotype: Precise information on health status and extensive lifestyle data Cross-linkage to local clinical endpoints and national registries
These dressings are either composed entirely of biological material or denatured through cross-linkage with synthetic or other biological polymers.
Lexa Software extends and invitation to all related business with their own Web site to share cross-linkage with Lexa.
Note also that the problem is primarily a matter of cross-linkages on nucleic acid strands, not (as is sometimes mistakenly thought) strand breakage.
Although these succinic acid cross-linkages were first hypothesized in 1972, no one has been able to show definitive proof," she says.
The IIT-D Innovation Centre, a brainchild of a group of 40 alumni of 1986 Batch, is designed to help students from different disciplines to work on innovative projects, mentor them on socially and commercially relevant projects, support co-curricular activities like the Robotics and the SAE Clubs and develop cross-linkages with other innovation programs.
Due to the extraordinary amount of innovation that is being generated by nanotechnology as a result of the positive cross-linkages between highly competitive industries (i.
At right, is a schematic diagram of various cross-linkages between the polypeptide chains in hair.
ICB is a superb real-time source for staying on top of the growing cross-linkages between toll-free service and the Internet," said Jim Hawkins, former President, BellSouth Public Communication.
When the polymer detects its target chemical, its cross-linkages change.
Sengupta's studies have also reflected cross-linkages between extreme poverty and the downtrodden.
net with rich editorial content for parents and expectant parents as well as cross-linkages to other UAP sites offering parenting information, apartments for rent and homes and autos for sale.