cross-leaved heath

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dwarf European shrub with rose-colored flowers

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The ecological importance of Bewick and Beanley Moors lies in its great range and variety of botanical habitats, which include extensive areas of wet heath with heather, purple moor-grass, cross-leaved heath, deergrass, bilberry and tormentil, along with areas of peat bog and marsh.
On some damp slopes the purple moor-grass is joined by inch-high cross-leaved heath, exiled wet heath patiently waiting a reduction in grazing pressure.
Over large parts of the moss there are heather, cotton grasses, bog myrtle and cross-leaved heath, as well as sphagnum moss carpets with sundew, and cranberry.
Less intensive grazing can transform and add variety to the landscape, encouraging the growth of plants such as cross-leaved heath and bilberry.
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