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Synonyms for cross-index

a reference at one place in a work to information at another place in the same work

make an index that refers from one point to the next

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Licensed software for 20 work stations can be found for $2,000 to $2,500 per station - not simply off-the-shelf image storage and retrieval software, but customized document-management and workflow packages with cross-indexing capabilities.
This book is a very useful cross-indexing directory of business databases carried on many of the major professional host systems, with particular emphasis on the services available in Great Britain where the book was published.
Leonard always starts with the CD-ROM facilities, due to the extensive indexing and cross-indexing available when reviewing a topic.
Salinas, through a thoughtful methodology and laborious cross-indexing of numerous shreds of information, managed to make sense out of this chaos of information.
Definitions are arranged alphabetically and are supplemented with preferred usage, variations in meaning among different specialities, cross-indexing to related works and code numbers that identify the source of the definition.
Its great power comes from the easily tailored joining of multiple data sources and cross-indexing of metadata from one source to another, so that results are presented in meaningful context.
2001) carries out a similar annotation approach using the TIGR Gene Indices and extending this cross-indexing to across species.
Profound's behind-the-scenes cross-indexing platform - supported by Adobe Acrobat - allows it to search across many thousands of publications, reports, and briefings in seconds.
SeeBeyond's Master Person Index solution has the capability of matching and cross-indexing using sophisticated mathematical probabilities across disparate source systems in real time.
By providing immediate, cross-indexing capability with more than 180 other medical references, Skyscape has helped us bring even more functionality to PIER.
Rhythmyx 5 also enables us to automate complex functions like cross-indexing of content, and provides the flexibility to extend content management easily into all areas of the Web site over time.
e*Index(TM) Global Identifier leverages e*Gate to provide a complete cross-indexing solution that delivers a single customer view through real-time, automated person matching across disparate source systems with comprehensive data quality tools.
HIPAAware(TM) will provide enterprise application integration, enterprise cross-indexing and a robust business-to-business solution that will help insulate Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's existing systems from many of the HIPAA mandates.
Any Travelers' Desire - As always, Zagat offers extensive cross-indexing to help travelers target hotels according to their special needs and interests, from All-Inclusive Pricing to Water Sports, as well as Beautiful Settings, Business Oriented, Casinos, Golf and Tennis, Romantic, Child Friendly (and Children Not Recommended), Condos, Scuba Diving, even Pet Friendly.
e*Index(TM) Global Identifier, a leading Enterprise Master Person Index (EMPI) solution, provides enterprise-scale cross-indexing solutions in real time for millions of transactions.