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Synonyms for cross-index

a reference at one place in a work to information at another place in the same work

make an index that refers from one point to the next

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By providing immediate, cross-indexing capability with more than 180 other medical references, Skyscape has helped us bring even more functionality to PIER.
Rhythmyx 5 also enables us to automate complex functions like cross-indexing of content, and provides the flexibility to extend content management easily into all areas of the Web site over time.
HIPAA is likely to be the catalyst for the adoption of EAI technology in the health insurance segment, as EDI and cross-indexing solutions are simply components of a larger integration infrastructure," said Dan Garrett, vice president in CSC's Consulting Group and director of the group's healthcare consulting services.
e*Index(TM) Global Identifier leverages e*Gate to provide a complete cross-indexing solution that delivers a single customer view through real-time, automated person matching across disparate source systems with comprehensive data quality tools.
The Directory lists 1,500 organizations, cross-indexing them by more than 550 subjects, 27 services, and over 3,500 publications.
HIPAAware(TM) will provide enterprise application integration, enterprise cross-indexing and a robust business-to-business solution that will help insulate Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's existing systems from many of the HIPAA mandates.
Any Travelers' Desire - As always, Zagat offers extensive cross-indexing to help travelers target hotels according to their special needs and interests, from All-Inclusive Pricing to Water Sports, as well as Beautiful Settings, Business Oriented, Casinos, Golf and Tennis, Romantic, Child Friendly (and Children Not Recommended), Condos, Scuba Diving, even Pet Friendly.
e*Index(TM) Global Identifier, a leading Enterprise Master Person Index (EMPI) solution, provides enterprise-scale cross-indexing solutions in real time for millions of transactions.
We are confident the same type of cross-indexing solution will prove equally as important in the commercial space, as the flexibility of INTEGRITY to match not only patients, but companies, parts, and virtually any item imaginable is a great complement to our overall eBusiness integration solutions.
HIPAA is a prime catalyst for the adoption of eBusiness integration technology among healthcare providers and with the initial support of our solution's robust EDI and cross-indexing capabilities, we can further provide a comprehensive solution for our customers' evolution to eBusiness," said Harry Gould, vice president of global alliances for STC.
com), providing the world's first online searchable database of commercially available drug-like chemical compounds, has expanded its capabilities by providing cross-indexing of valuable research information to structures in its iResearch(TM) System Library.
Tapping into ServiceLane's dynamic cross-indexing technology, customers and service professionals are matched based on specific routing criteria indicated by each party.