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Synonyms for cross-index

a reference at one place in a work to information at another place in the same work

make an index that refers from one point to the next

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The 2003 directory lists 1900 company names and contact details, including websites, e-mail addresses, plant locations, trade names and generic products that are cross-indexed by producer and country.
The company has cross-indexed the equipment, pricing and ordering rules content of all available North American vehicles, from the current model year all the way back to 1992-a fact that makes the technology an invaluable tool for both new and used car applications.
Griffis' goal is to have by year's end a list of all MPAs, cross-indexed by location, ecosystem, and level of protection.
The Product Locator Index, page 12, is a cross-indexed, alphabetical guide to the more than 700 product classifications, including the page number upon which each listing and chart begins.
Included are chapters on how one school used technology to create an effective intranet, how an instructor built a web site with the help of a student (who became the teacher), and how an administrator and department chair collaborated to develop a hypertext site that cross-indexed their school's curriculum.
The summaries are cued by parenthetical citation to the original texts, and topics and concepts are both cross-indexed and included in the comprehensive index.
Seahawks (-1) at Raiders: Raiders penalties are now cross-indexed by type, distance, intent, degree of violence and stupidity.
Everything is carefully cross-indexed for the convenience of the researcher.
A pioneer in systems management, he wanted interchangeable agents to work in interchangeable offices through a massively cross-indexed information network, and even into his senile years Hoover was noted for sharp rebukes on points of procedure that might appear trivial to anyone else.
The book is well organized and thoroughly cross-indexed for ready reference.
Throughout, readers benefit from the rigorous and cross-indexed nature of the parent reference, and will find both broad introductory information as well as in-depth details of significance to industrial and academic environments.
HyperSocial takes the streams of minutia created by your digital interests, (friends, family, and other social networks), applies filters that you create, and extracts the relevant content to make introductions based upon cross-indexed common interests.
The algorithm described here uses a hierarchical approach to assign a single best annotation to the dements in a given microarray in such a fashion that dements from one microarray platform may be cross-indexed with those of another.
Content is accessible at no cost and cross-indexed by type of service, type of agency, geographical location, key word and alphabetical title, including business mentoring, financing, marketing, import/export and government contracting.
A more comprehensive solution than print resources, Skyscape uses technology to make medical information highly searchable, easily cross-indexed and provides tools such as calculators, drug dosing guides, interactive algorithms and formulas that help HCPs find information and act on it in real-time.