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Synonyms for cross-index

a reference at one place in a work to information at another place in the same work

make an index that refers from one point to the next

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The guides were developed as resources for schools to infuse conflict management skills into school culture and existing classroom curricula and contain hundreds of lessons that are cross-indexed according to the conflict concept.
He said the images are cross-indexed so a soldier's image will appear under his name and again with his regiment.
The directory, dubbed ICT Solutions - Made In The West Midlands, will provide detailed information on more than 150 IT and interactive media companies, with 70 profiled and cross-indexed to customer sectors.
The dictionary is presented very neatly and is quite easy to use, with cross-references and alternative or equivalent terms being cross-indexed.
A proprietary conversion process then pulls relevant information from the documents, creating a database with more than 75 fields cross-indexed by physical location, names and document references.
All are cross-indexed, searchable and linked to relevant teaching resources.
The 2003 directory lists 1900 company names and contact details, including websites, e-mail addresses, plant locations, trade names and generic products that are cross-indexed by producer and country.
THE EUROPEAN PUBLIC AFFAIRS DIRECTORYThis A4 sized, cross-indexed, annual publication lists nearly 12,000 entries in the field of the European Union and European Public Affairs.
The company has cross-indexed the equipment, pricing and ordering rules content of all available North American vehicles, from the current model year all the way back to 1992-a fact that makes the technology an invaluable tool for both new and used car applications.
Griffis' goal is to have by year's end a list of all MPAs, cross-indexed by location, ecosystem, and level of protection.
The Product Locator Index, page 12, is a cross-indexed, alphabetical guide to the more than 700 product classifications, including the page number upon which each listing and chart begins.
Hugo Strunz and Alexander Hoelzel, a hyperlinked glossary of mineral terms, and is cross-indexed for searching.
Included are chapters on how one school used technology to create an effective intranet, how an instructor built a web site with the help of a student (who became the teacher), and how an administrator and department chair collaborated to develop a hypertext site that cross-indexed their school's curriculum.
The summaries are cued by parenthetical citation to the original texts, and topics and concepts are both cross-indexed and included in the comprehensive index.
Anyone familiar with the Locus on-line index will not find anything truly new about the Locus Index, although this one is more complete, more readable, and cross-indexed in thorough and convenient ways.