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Synonyms for crosshatch

shading consisting of multiple crossing lines

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shade with multiple crossing lines

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In contrast to desert painters from central Australia, whose dot paintings have found international renown, Yolngu painters usually employ a distinctive cross-hatching pattern that can cover an entire painting.
The filters I used were a watercolour and a cross-hatching after a blow-up to film resolution.
In Elizabeth's painting "Tortoise," notice the cross-hatching or what's called dhulang and miny'tji in the eastern part of Arnhem Land and rarrk in the western areas of this region.
Central refuges would also be built on either side of the junction with Styvechale Avenue, to try to achieve a ``gateway effect'' to the road, and cross-hatching marked to reduce the width.
Vasquez Rocks has some very unique panels, very fine-scale panels that depict geometric patterns, astronomical elements, sunburst designs and cross-hatching designs that look like comets,'' he said.
The individual subject is enchained in the Verkettungen (another frequent word) of social codes, mediated by technology in a sort of graphic cross-hatching, a grid, that effaces identity and establishes conformity.
This effect is produced by the skillful cross-hatching which brings the drawn forms of the bark-painting to life and is regarded as evidence of immanent ancestral power.
Part borders are scribed with the laser beam and the layer's surface is formed with x-y cross-hatching passes.
These flex rules include curved trace settings by area, complex contour following for routes, teardrops at pins, t-junctions and route width changes, cross-hatching of shielding areas, and selective pad modifications.
Try cross-hatching, which is a series of lines scratched in one direction and another series crossing over the other in the opposite direction.
When Johns showed Beckett the endpapers he had designed using his signature cross-hatching and flagstones, Beckett studied them closely and, as Johns tells it, "He said he hoped that I would place the cross-hatching design at the front of the book and the flagstones at the back.
Observe and discuss characteristics of line: stippling, cross-hatching, diagonal, curved, short, long, broken, and continuous.
Twist and turn to achieve cross-hatching, halftones or pointillism.
To get a 3D effect, Anna kept the centre of the trees quite light, cross-hatching more at the edges to make them darker.