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Synonyms for crosshatch

shading consisting of multiple crossing lines

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shade with multiple crossing lines

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The object is to darken the first square as much as possible using crosshatch strokes, and create a dark-to-light value scale using lesser and lesser amounts of cross-hatching.
grayed areas using the techniques of stippling, hatching or cross-hatching.
No less ominous were the still lifes, arranged against a ruined plaster wall in a light just this side of sepulchral: an immense tangle of withered flowers, a row of tiny nooses, an obsessive cross-hatching of thread, dead birds in flight.
Each work has its own palette and percussive rhythm: One panel, a meditation on an African sculpture, includes a broad cross-hatching suggestive of a thatched hut, as well as talismanic objects such as little burgundy velvet bags containing roots traditionally used for healing.
Here what at first looks like a network of lines radiating from the main, off-center accretion of cross-hatching turns out to be microscriptural repetitions of the word "green.
Perhaps this cross-hatching of boundaries explains why the project required a second installation (in another gallery, American Fine Arts) comprising only unidentified quotations, printed on the milky translucent tops of pedestals hung upside-down from the ceiling.
Dated at over 39,000 years old, the rock consists of deeply impressed cross-hatching carved into it.
99) is a pick for any who would venture into the world of machine quilting, and teaches the basics in a series of step-by-step instructions on how to make feathers, cross-hatching and quilt border designs.
I have them do many practice sheets just of lines, swirls, hatching, cross-hatching, and stippling.
I would also suggest the placement of those white, half-globe style traffic calming devices are placed in all areas of cross-hatching and in a line across the emergency lane at suitable intervals.
Melissa Middleton, PNE enterprise manager, is particularly fond of Alasdair's cross-hatching work on the Coliseum.
Select to see closeup detail of cross-hatching and O
given the richly densed shadows cross-hatching the transverse below?
Be it the Feast of Epiphany, in which the artist creates a fine network of cross-hatching to give the effect of deep darkness, or Strolling Musicians, where, by retaining some plain parts, a suggestion of bright spotlight is created, the etchings are stamped with the genius of Rembrandt.