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have one's name listed as a candidate for several parties


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Because universities have an affirmative duty to investigate any allegation of sexual assault under Title LX, the possibility of cross-filing presents a serious barrier to students reporting sexual assault.
The potentially harmful consequences of cross-filing are illustrated in the case of Stefanowicz v.
Because cross-filing is often used as a retaliatory measure by accused students, it is imperative for university officials to carefully consider the structure and format of disciplinary hearings to avoid placing the original victim's sexual past, actions, and character on "trial" in the crossfiled case.
The president of MicroTech attributed problems to an inadequate number of voting machines, insufficient voter and poll-worker education, scroll problems, and printer jams in the voting machines, in addition to a lack of understanding about cross-filing votes.
It also provides easy cross-filing to patent drawings and abstracts found in the Derwent World Patents Index.
The average turnout in the 16 primaries before then was 56 percent under the old cross-filing system, he added.
It would be naive to suggest that the caucus system promoted full slates in Webster and Dudley, but the battles were with the preliminary registrations because cross-filings were possible.