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have one's name listed as a candidate for several parties


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New features include cross-file inlining, interprocedural analysis and removal of unused functions, improved alias analysis and register scheduling, and numerous code generation improvements.
Other pioneering firsts from his laboratory at SRI International (then called the Stanford Research Institute) include two-dimensional display editing, in-file object addressing, linking, hypermedia, outline processing, flexible view control, multiple windows, cross-file editing, integrated hypermedia e-mail, hypermedia publishing, document version control, shared-screen teleconferencing, computer-aided meetings, context-sensitive help, distributed client-server architecture, uniform command syntax and protocols for virtual terminals.
In addition, the compilers can now perform cross-file optimizations that eliminate the size overhead associated with poor implementations of C++ constructs such as templates.
VAI's solutions, collectively called "The Data Clarity Suite," will provide a secure, collaborative, and proactive advanced analysis environment to enable federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to access and share investigative files and conduct cross-file analyses.