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have one's name listed as a candidate for several parties


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According to one experienced patent searcher, Orbit's PowerSearch software offers probably the best cross-file patent family grouping and de-duplication features of any existing online patent service.
The added terms will help facilitate cross-file searches.
After all, the day the first search service first installed cross-file searching, we all know that merged records became inevitable.
Users of the product are able to select any combination of ISI databases for cross-file searching as well as multiple years for retrospective searching.
No Senate cross-file was listed as of Monday evening.
For example, no traditional search service I know provides their own cross-file indexing through a master thesaurus.
Users will be able to select any combination of databases for cross-file searching as well as multiple years of data for retrospective searching, and then sort their search results in a variety of ways.
Uniform field tags facilitate cross-file searching across the entire DIALOG system.
EMBASE records on STN include searchable CAS Registry Numbers for chemical substances to facilitate cross-file searching with other databases on STN that also contain these numbers.
The improvements to the bibliographic search include: implied adjacency of terms, left-hand truncation, stringserach of text, expanded statistical analysis capability, ranking of search results, and expanded cross-file searching possibilities.
Can you advise searchers to use cross-file searching techniques to insure full coverage in searching for specific titles?