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undergo cross-fertilization

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cause to undergo cross-fertilization

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In maize, differentially expressed genes between maize cross-fertilized and self-fertilized kernels have been identified (Meng, F.
Schmeiser, a third-generation farmer, insisted that he never bought Monsanto's "Roundup Ready" canola seed, contending that his canola crop was cross-fertilized by pollen from a neighboring farm's genetically modified Monsanto seed.
He shows how 25 of the most important artifacts of modern civilization grew out of unexpectedly cross-fertilized ideas.
As a significant corollary to this, Europe itself acquired a new modern-dance tradition which has now come back and cross-fertilized the old country, in this case the United States.
He weaves an account of how religion and reform cross-fertilized into a narrative of parliamentary developments.
Swing/Sacchi has cross-fertilized drink coasters with photo frames to create a line of coaster frames.
Thus, despite the black church's disdain for blues music, it is not surprising that black sacred and secular forms have cross-fertilized each other.
The book contains a multifaceted and panoramic study of material culture cross-fertilized by forms, colours, patterns, mediums and materials encountered during the colonial process.
For a taste of what people responded to in Beat writing, check out this alternative trio of books: Kerouac's The Dharma Bums, the 1958 follow-up to On the Road that illustrates how the Beats cross-fertilized and cross-promoted one another; Ginsberg's Howl and Other Poems (1956), which features a shrewdly legitimating introduction by William Carlos Williams; and Burroughs's Junkie (first published in 1953 under the pseudonym William Lee), a coolly compelling tour of the dropout demimonde that proved irresistible in Eisenhower's America.
With expertise in both commercial and consumer vehicles, WirelessCar can leverage a cross-fertilized service portfolio/open platform (www.
At some point she realized that while knowledge about the processes of war and peace were increasing, as were insights about the roles of men and women in social and political processes, the two areas had not been cross-fertilized to explore the importance, and especially the potential, of understanding gender roles in building and keeping peace.
As part of the deal, THQ and Sony Ericsson will investigate cross-fertilized marketing opportunities to further leverage content and mobile technology to audiences served by each company's traditional core business.