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Synonyms for cross-fertilize

undergo cross-fertilization

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cause to undergo cross-fertilization

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Scheduled to take place in Paris on 1-2 December 2008, the Forum will bringing together some of the most respected international experts and provide an international meeting point for all IT stakeholders to cross-fertilize initiatives in Free Libre and Open Source Software.
This year we had a real opportunity to cross-fertilize ideas among our customers in different industries," said Steve Earwaker, Medallia VP of business development.
This is a terrific opportunity to cross-fertilize ideas and grow the end-user community.
ST will therefore further cross-fertilize its knowledge throughout the entire ST supply chain and combine it with the most advanced IT solutions.
We were able to cross-fertilize our training programs to target the needs of a specific audience--enterprise architects.
PC developers and OEMs will be able to cross-fertilize expansion applications -- such as wireless networking, storage and compressed 3D graphics -- across different hardware platforms, reducing their overhead costs.
I think one of the key changes for universities in the 21st century is going to be interdisciplinary study -- being able to cross-pollinate, cross-fertilize ideas from different parts of a university campus," Stevens said.
In addition, as part of our global expansion, we will have the unique ability to cross-fertilize talent between management consulting and executive search.
The goal of this partnership -- part of the Kauffman Fellowship's growing commitment to "internationalize" the venture capital process -- is to identify and select up to four fellows to work at British firms and help cross-fertilize the best practices of British and American venture capitalists.
JPL and business firms can cross-fertilize to enhance individual and joint ventures.
As we begin to cross-fertilize ideas and clients, we look forward to benefiting from IPG's decades of knowledge and success in doing business around the world," Lipner continued.
Efforts to cross-fertilize our successes from one subsidiary to others are also beginning to pay off.
This concern cross-fertilizes Ranciere's investigations into art, aesthetics in its pre-romantic sense, policing, political action and pedagogy.