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Synonyms for cross-fertilise

undergo cross-fertilization

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cause to undergo cross-fertilization

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It also gives them chance to cross-fertilise with other companies on site," said Mr Davies.
With works from China, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Europe and elsewhere by artists of every nationality, Taswir shows how cultures influence and cross-fertilise one another, while rescuing 'Middle Eastern' versus 'European' artists from the restrictions of such categorisation.
Seeing the enthusiasm, innovation and creativity of the management and how the two sectors cross-fertilise each other is satisfying and remains a true passion.
Security components for each individual Microsoft platform are in themselves highly valuable, however when deployed as part of a connected up environment, business processes are able to cross-fertilise whilst automatically maintaining high water mark session-level security attributes.
To cross-fertilise human and animal embryos is absolutely terrifying and unthinkable and entering the era of the creation of monsters.
If somebody's developing technology here which might be good for an application over there, you can cross-fertilise and make sure that you're pushing that technology around the complete enterprise.
I also work to establish and maintain good customer relationships and use every opportunity to cross-fertilise the best ideas from one customer to help others.
The scientific day gave an opportunity for lively debate on the way ahead and an opportunity for British and Irish colleagues to cross-fertilise ideas.
Another concept which intrigues and impresses the author is the simple idea of London, a large cosmopolitan city which is culturally dominant, a teeming hive where words and ideas rub off each other and cross-fertilise.
On one level it's good to cross-fertilise cultures but I don't like the manner in which it's done which is often quite patronising.
The pollen could cross-fertilise with plants with potentially disastrous effects when wildlife eat it.
The New Graz Architecture is thus less a strictly regionalist phenomenon than a microcosm of the international architectural debate, a local well-fertilised bed in which international seeds grow and cross-fertilise.