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New Delhi : Defence lawyers began cross-examining Wednesday the male companion of a student who was gang-raped on a bus in New Delhi at the trial of five adults accused of her murder, the man's father said.
Stay tuned for more courtroom fireworks as the trial opens tomorrow with Francis cross-examining the last of the four women.
Divided into 29 chapters in three main sections, the new volume covers such topics as: cross-examination of a prosecution witness in an insanity case; cross-examination in international arbitration; cross-examining the eyewitness; cross-examination in a deposition; examining a sympathetic witness; cross-examining lawyers and professional experts in criminal cases; the importance of memory; cross-examination and the jury; and, the psychology of cross-examination.
Huntley's barrister Stephen Coward QC, cross-examining the college's vice-principal Margaret Bryden, said: ``Because of previous history, there were concerns.
That set up the unusual courtroom drama of an accused child molester questioning and cross-examining the children he allegedly molested.
Now she's a rising TV star, cross-examining guests instead of witnesses, Cassella currently hosts Because I Said So With Maggie Cassella, a half-hour talk show now in its second season on Star
If he were on trial in a criminal court, Ayling would be barred from cross-examining those who had accused him of abusing them.
For example, critical areas for a plaintiff attorney to consider when cross-examining defense medical experts include:
Coverage includes: bases for motions to dismiss indictments; obtaining and drafting a Bill of Particulars; Fourth and Fifth Amendment grounds for suppressing evidence; Sixth Amendment rights, including the defendant's right to a speedy trial, confrontation of witnesses, and adequate representation; discovery issues, including the prosecution's obligations under Brady; proven methods for cross-examining government witnesses; capitalizing on perjury by government witnesses; objections based on substantive and procedural due process; and more.
The court said the commission was not only barred from cross-examining but was not even given access to the four witnesses, reports The Dawn.
Attorney General cross-examining the secretary and asked six questions regarding the summaries sent to the prime minister in the NRO issue.
Huntley's barrister Stephen Coward QC, cross-examining the college's vice principal Margaret Bryden, said Huntley had answered in an "exemplary fashion" and Mrs Bryden agreed.