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dress in the clothes of the other sex

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Describing his experience of cross-dressing, Farrar said: "Dressing in a taffeta frock did not make me want to be a girl, but it certainly made me understand how much pleasure girls and women get from their party frocks, and intensified my interest in fashion and in the history of costume.
The Indian workers were found cross-dressing and intoxicated in the street.
Kuwait prohibits cross-dressing in public and media often report police swoops and court cases against those who break the rules.
However, he has a very stressful job and he said that, as there was no closeness in our relationship, cross-dressing helped him stop getting frustrated and stressed.
It's something that will mainly appeal to children, though it would have been good to have seen some more photographs from past productions to elaborate on the cross-dressing theme.
This year, more than 6,000 men took part in the cross-dressing ritual.
This year, the event witnessed more than 6,000 men performing the cross-dressing traditional ritual.
Lawsuit Illustrates How ENDA Threatens to Impose Cross-Dressing Policies on Employers
THE ex-girlfriend of a cross-dressing drug dealer urged prison bosses not to treat him as a woman because he is "unstable".
Much like cross-dressing, acts of im-personation offer options for "resisting the binary logics of loyalty/disloyalty, real/fake, and Asian/American" (Chen xvii).
Summary: A 42-year-old Filipino worker was sentenced to two years in prison by the Court of First Instance on Wednesday for cross-dressing and conducting plastic surgery without any medical licence from the Ministry of Health.
WESTERNS, zombies and cross-dressing are among the subjects for a series of Durham University lectures.
Liu Zhu, 19, from Sichuan province, who has been nicknamed "pseudo-girl" by his fans, has risen to stardom overnight with his cross-dressing performance in the competition, reports the China Daily.
Senator Norris believes the rebel leader's cross-dressing could even have landed him in court.
Bernard" has all the usual contemporary elements -- sexcapades, scandal, UFOs, cross-dressing, murder, and urban renewal -- and it also offers the distinguishing touch of a pervasive pigeon presence.