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dress in the clothes of the other sex

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In July 2013, a young Kuwaiti cross-dresser was arrested by police after he entered a women-only lingerie shop.
News has spread that I now have another clinic in St Helens which is convenient for cross-dressers locally and those living in Merseyside and Manchester," she said.
In this volume, she shares the stories of 30 women who are married to natal males who are cross-dressers and/or identify as transgender (male-to-female).
Transgenders can include a number of sub-categories which, among others, include transsexuals, cross-dressers, transvestites, consciously androgynous people, drag kings and drag queens.
He is upset that the council is being asked to fund an organisation which wants to provide a centre for cross-dressers.
I will argue that the army of mulattos, cross-dressers, and foreign interlopers who march through [Black American] literature are significant, not because they have retreated from blackness, but instead have come late, if at all, to normative American processes of corporeality.
Is it too late to set one up for Peter Anastos so the precious romps he choreographed for those madcap cross-dressers, Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo, can be preserved?
And then there are the usual assortments of ``Kooks'': bodybuilders, hookers, ``barefoot'' fitness faddists, nudists and cross-dressers.
The problems and concerns of women married to heterosexual cross-dressers, as these are reflected in the literature, are summarized and a critique of these materials is provided.
Referred to as transvestites in the psychiatric literature, cross-dressers are men who frequently begin cross-dressing because they are sexually aroused by fixating upon and wearing women's clothing (Pomeroy, 1975).
Amelang), and the belligerent antics of cross-dressers in the Ariege in 1829-31 (Peter Sahlins), provide material for essays of more limited appeal.
Dress Codes" consisted of visual art, video, film, performance and educational programs (which included makeup seminars for male cross-dressers and an all day "Drag King" workshop for female-to-male cross-dressers led by performance artist Dianne Torr), a cross-dressing reading room, and three Saturday evenings of "Fear and Clothing" theater.
Transgendered people include transsexuals, cross-dressers, transvestites, post-operative transsexuals, as well as gays and straights; and they are challenging the "accepted" view of gender.
Manama: Police in Kuwait have arrested 23 cross-dressers and homosexuals after they busted a "wild party" held at a chalet in the south of the country.
Luckily, she can have her own little brood of cross-dressers.