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someone who adopts the dress or manner or sexual role of the opposite sex

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If the female cross-dresser is a type, a repeated convention within a given play, why should she be any more revelatory than others, such as the gracioso or the galan and dama, who always appear and form the backbone of any play?
I don't live as a cross-dresser, but I have been very sexually adventurous.
She said she got in a car one night with a cross-dresser, a man who liked to dress as a woman.
King, after which the top cop and closet cross-dresser (no disrespect to cross-dressers) in turn authorized his agents to try to prod King into killing himself.
When play-by-play man Dave O'Brien described Beckham as the world's best deliverer of crossing passes, a patron at the bar groused, ``World's best cross-dresser.
In My Husband Betty, you're critical of some parts of the cross-dresser community, especially the venerable Tri-Ess organization.
The 80s cross-dresser clashed with Jodie Marsh in footage being aired on Channel 4 tonight.
Susan's favorite headline, however, ran in the New York Post after Marv Albert was fired shortly after reports he was a cross-dresser.
But it has emerged that in his youth Simon lived a secret life as an avid cross-dresser called Sarah and still enjoys occasionally dressing up in his new wife's frocks to this day.
The cross-dresser, who the public can be expected to jump at the chance of getting rid of if he gets enough nominations from his fellow houseates, is just 7-1 with them.
He gets roped into being a part of a band led by his father that includes adults--one of whom is a cross-dresser.
Transgender" could refer to a cross-dresser or it could mean someone who has had a full sex change.
But she thought it needed some spiffing up, so she ordered a new book by Charles Busch (an experienced cross-dresser himself) and new dances from Dendy.
A transvestite security guard who claims he was hounded out of his job after ``coming out'' as a cross-dresser, has lost his claim for unfair dismissal.
Perhaps like the bare-buttocked vestal in Lisa Yuskavage's nearby Submit, Greenwold's figure of the cross-dresser (in fact, his fourteen-year-old nephew) is a case of sublimated exhibitionism.