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Synonyms for cross-dresser

someone who adopts the dress or manner or sexual role of the opposite sex

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Obviously, the transsexual has committed herself to the feminine identity, the cross-dresser has not.
However, the cross-dresser objected and insisted he was entitled to be in the shop, located in Salmiya.
I don't have to become a "registered" cross-dresser, do I?
There are lots of myths and assumptions made about cross-dressers, but most are heterosexual.
But if you've seen ``The Crying Game,'' you know that Jordan has a different kind of princess in mind, though that still doesn't quite prepare you for Kitten, Jordan's latest starry-eyed cross-dresser.
A CROSS-DRESSER who repeatedly burgled a 27-year-old woman's bedroom to steal her underwear escaped jail yesterday.
A butch lesbian or a heterosexual male cross-dresser, for example, might each identify as transgender yet have no interest in pursuing transsexual surgery.
The sexy superstar is to appear as a cross-dresser in the bizarre blockbuster final episode of the series.
Fairy Tales, 1992, documents Madden's childhood fascinations with wearing women's clothing, and Pyramid, New York, 1984 (When Queens Collide), 1993, relates through pictures and balck humor Madden's experience as a go-go cross-dresser at the famed New York club.
The cross-dresser refused to get his kit off as he grappled with semi-naked fellow fighters in India, reports the Daily Star.
Maybe your late father-in-law was a cross-dresser or had a large lady friend who wore a lot of make-up.
What was the name of the GI cross-dresser played by Jamie Farr in the TV comedy series M*A*S*H?
Cross-dresser Shahbaz, 37, walked out after threatening to kill himself on TV.
They last competed in 2000, when Swank's cross-dresser Brandon Teena in ``Boys Don't Cry'' won out over Bening's perfection-seeking real estate broker Carolyn Burnham in ``American Beauty.
THE "woman" accused of pushing a cross-dresser under a rush-hour Tube train is really a MAN, a court heard yesterday.