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dress in the clothes of the other sex

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By producing a fictionalised account of a life cross-dressed, Kay does not have to adhere to any particular version of the truth.
a romance written by a woman [especially from a prominent family] about a cross-dressed young girl traversing Italy and contemplating suicide" (66) would not have been appreciated.
The blame may lie more with Peploe than Marivaux, since she admits adding certain elements to her movie - flashes of a modern-day audience observing the cross-dressed goings-on at an ornate Italian villa, barely perceptible but still silly subplots about the discovery of electricity and the like - that only serve to annoy.
In contrast, The Image of Dorian Gray in the Yellow Press, 1984, is a demanding and highly ironic critique of mass media, with fashion model Veruschka cross-dressed as Oscar Wilde's unaging protagonist.
A cross-dressed man in red heels does a wry little dance just of his protruding big toes.
The "eye for an eye" group retaliated against the husband by "extracting punishment", such as forcing the man to do housework while cross-dressed, or refusing to get a job to help with finances, behaviours which Wise (1985) diagnosed as "conscious sadism" (p.
Relatedly, I do not believe that Stein problematizes the position from which she speaks; she does not seem to find her cross-dressed position troubling.
Winn-Dixie Stores, the Southern grocery giant and major Fortune 500 company that has been under attack for 14 months for firing a truck driver who cross-dressed off-duty, is trying to shut down a web site protesting the company's actions, the American Civil Liberties Union said today.
Dubai An Emirati student, nicknamed "Hamdan British", faces three years in jail for posing as a male prostitute and posting on the internet, indecent pictures of him wearing bikinis and cross-dressed to seduce men.
He wore panties and nylons under his uniform and, once he rose in rank, cross-dressed in the privacy of his own room.