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The NFU has been in touch with Natural England and they say that these cross-checks have to be done.
In figure 5 the results of the three cross-checks for these target functions are presented as bar charts.
By first computing the cross-checks and the anchors for a given row, we can look for across words in that row without considering the contents of any other row.
The Travelocity Business mid-office system, based on Sabre QIK technology, automatically cross-checks the combined cost of the separate segments to ensure they do not exceed any company-specific cost thresholds that can be pre-configured within the system.
Baty was caught after routine cross-checks between the council and the Department for Work and Pensions, which can access tax records.
All values above 1,000 ppb were re-analysed and cross-checks were done by fire assay with gravimetric finish and rejects re-analysed by fire assay with AA finish.
As an enhanced safety feature, the system automatically cross-checks any new prescriptions a caregiver is considering to ensure there are no negative interactions with a patient's allergies and current medications.
Best analysts perform additional cross-checks to further refine the data.
The company is completing a series of cross-checks to verify these positive analytical results.
Dictaphone's CAD system also time and date stamps each call, and cross-checks it against a history of possible past activity occurring at a location, better preparing responding personnel for appropriate action.