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The NFU has been in touch with Natural England and they say that these cross-checks have to be done.
The cross-checks not only identify appropriate billing codes for procedures, but catch sudden deviations and flag other areas of possible errors such as laboratory services and other healthcare provider services.
Since 1986 we have organized or taken part in Mooney viscosity cross-checks in collaboration with a substantial number of laboratories.
The Travelocity Business mid-office system, based on Sabre QIK technology, automatically cross-checks the combined cost of the separate segments to ensure they do not exceed any company-specific cost thresholds that can be pre-configured within the system.
Baty was caught after routine cross-checks between the council and the Department for Work and Pensions, which can access tax records.
The Company has initiated a QA/QC program consisting of utilizing standards, duplicate and blank samples and laboratory cross-checks and routinely repeats sample analysis.
All values above 1,000 ppb were re-analysed and cross-checks were done by fire assay with gravimetric finish and rejects re-analysed by fire assay with AA finish.